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Sample Format for Life Experience Portfolio

The Bible places a very high priority on learning through the experiences of life, even higher than on classroom learning.

Credit can be awarded when you demonstrate two things:

  1. You spent a certain number of hours in a learning experience, and
  2. You learned something.

Submit the following:

  1. Jobs (with titles) that I held. Length of time I held them. Average hours per week involved in the job. Total estimated number of hours I spent. Job responsibilities included…. Skills and lessons I learned were…. (Complete these steps for EACH job or ministry you have performed.) Two examples are below:
    • Sunday School teacher of teenagers at Calvary Church (1996-1998)
      Estimated hours involved – 3 hours per week – 300 hours
      Lessons learned: how to hold a class’ attention; how to impart life change; conflict resolution skills; covered the book of Acts in-depth; covered dating and marriage in-depth.
    • Receptionist in office for three years at Harpers, Inc. (1997-2000)
      Estimated hours involved – 40 hours per week – 6000 hours
      Lessons learned: typing; computer skills with Microsoft Word, Access and PowerPoint; filing; telephone conversation skills; management of two other employees.
  2. Conferences I have attended… titles … hours involved… lessons learned
  3. Conferences I have led… titles… hours involved… lessons learned
  4. Sermons I have preached… titles
  5. Books I have read… listed by title and author with page number
  6. Other ministry activities I have been involved in… description of them, length of time and lessons learned
  7. Other activities I have been involved in… description of them, length of time and lessons learned

Provide third-party documentation whenever possible to verify the above activities. This could include newspaper articles, church bulletins, certificates, etc. Also, provide two character endorsements from those under whom you have worked.

Submit with $100 payment (check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover – card number and expiration date required) to Christian Leadership University, 1431 Bullis Rd., Elma, NY 14059. Final bill will be $13.33 per credit received. Your $100 deposit will be applied toward this transfer fee.

If you have further questions, contact Mark Virkler at 716-652-6990 or email him at mark@cluonline.com.

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“Nine years ago we had Mark come and teach CWG at the church we pastored in Ontario, Canada. The principles he taught guided us in hearing the Lord’s voice until that voice eventually led us and our five children here to Kiev, Ukraine to work with YWAM as missionaries. Those same CWG principles kept us here during difficult days of lawlessness and lack in the nation. Recently, we had Mark come to Kiev and teach over 900 Ukrainians in these same principles and the response was overwhelming, with hundreds expressing a new release of God’s voice in their lives as well as the way they see and understand God’s character. Many pastors are now asking for return visits from Mark. Mark’s book is now being translated into Russian and we are looking forward to many from this former atheistic communist nation to be transformed with Communion With God as one of our primary tools.”
— Dan & Gwen Slade,
Youth with a Mission, Kiev, Ukraine

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