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What others are saying


I've never loved studying and taking courses as much as I am loving my coursework through CLU. God is so amazing!

— Linda Geyer
Phoenix, AZ

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Christian Leadership University offers without a doubt the most challenging and rewarding teachings I have ever received. I recommend this school to anyone who is serious about their Christian walk. You will never be the same after you take this journey.

— Rev. Al Morris II

Artur Esau receives his Doctorate of Ministry from CLU president Dr. Mark Virkler What to say about Christian Leadership University? Great, amazing, wonderful, organized, practical, you can do it, great subjects, and… “old fashioned”. Yes, that’s right, I said “old fashioned”… Why??
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— Artur Esau

My comparison of CLU’s curriculum to courses I have taken from four other online colleges:

  • CLU has the most clear and easily followed course instructions I have seen.
  • CLU training is streamlined and to the point with excellent personal application.
  • Instructor feedback has been immediate.

I am really enjoying my studies and I am learning a great deal. As I teach this material after studying it, it has been a great benefit to my church, while deepening the message within me. Your courses are so well designed I can apply the material into sermons as well as Sunday night Bible studies. I have recommended these books to people in my church and my wife is even teaching from them in her women’s group. For me, this has become an excellent combination of study and then teaching what I have learned. I have discovered things about seeking God that I did not know existed. Thank you.

— Pastor Ernie Jones,
Master of Divinity Student with CLU

I so enjoy the Lamad method of learning (and teaching). My learning from CLU has impacted my preaching, teaching, pastoral work, family, personal life, etc. I appreciate the fact that you have taken some risks to follow the path on which the Lord has led you. I am most grateful.

Rev. John Donnelly
Wayne, New Jersey

Prior to enrolling at CLU, I had already earned three graduate degrees, including the Ph.D. But none of those educational experiences came close to the transformational impact of my studies at CLU. At first, I had no intention of pursuing another degree. In fact, I came across CLU while doing a web search on how to hear the voice of God. I was at a point in my life when I was hungry to hear God clearly and to know Him more intimately.

When I found Dr. Virkler's course, Communion with God, I immediately enrolled with the intention of taking only that course. But when I began to notice how Communion with God was radically changing my life, I wanted more. So that course led to another and then to another, until, finally, I have now completed the Doctor of Ministry degree in Christian Counseling.

It has been a most remarkable journey, one that I strongly encourage others to take. The faculty and staff at CLU are wonderful. Each loves God deeply, and this love is reflected in their selfless giving to their students. I am so thankful to our Lord, to Drs. Mark and Patti Virkler, to Dr. Karen King, and to the entire faculty and staff at CLU for playing a major role in helping me to become more like Jesus Christ. There is nothing I desire more and, in my opinion, nothing more to be desired.
MaryAnn Diorio, New Jersey

I have sincerely enjoyed my learning experience with CLU. These courses have opened a new dimension in my relationship with the Lord that I never dreamed exists! The depth of His love for us has become a "heart reality" rather than just a mental acknowledgement. As I seek Him for my life's future direction, I hope to work with CLU toward a Master’s degree in the not so distant future. May God bless you all for your diligence in teaching the truth. Christianity is about relationship, not religion!

— William W. "Rick" Hull
Paradise, Texas

I am enjoying my class very much… The best part is I am growing to know the Lord, not just know information about Him.

The class is life-changing… My wife and I are going through the DVDs together and she is noticing some changes in me after only 1 month. Thanks for allowing the Lord to teach you these hard lessons so that you could teach others. It is a much needed message to the body of Christ. I am looking forward to teaching this class to my church this fall.

— Pastor Patrick Wilson, Pennsylvania

This will be my last course for my degree but I am hooked and will begin another doctorate after this. I have never had such fun learning.

— Dave Stoesz, Ontario, Canada

I asked God to help me find a school for my Ph.D., and He did. I had two western schools lined up, and they kept calling me. But God told me to take His leadership, and I did. I already had two Master’s Degrees under the State, and I did well. Something was missing though, and it was the confirming Word from God. I got tired of man’s ways in school.

The biggest benefits I have enjoyed are God's Word, and learning to hear God's voice more clearly, knowing it is His voice and not mine.

I especially appreciate the fast responses and the kind and respectful thoughtfulness that each person gives when speaking to you on the phone or online. Everyone has shown Christian Leadership!

I have already recommended CLU to two people and I will continue to tell others about this university.

— Mable S. Elliott, New York City

I have been blessed by this journey with CLU and my life is forever changing. I do not have the words to share with you right now, Mr. Virkler, but I will say that you have changed my life. Your obedience to God has affected my family, friends and community.

The Doctorate at CLU was the most important education I have ever had and will ever get. I received my B.A in education and my M.A. in counseling from The University of Phoenix. My Doctorate with CLU is the most precious part of my educational journey. Glory be to God! My Doctorate from Walden University will allow me to be a certified instructor in the State of Arizona but nothing can ever take the place of my Doctorate from CLU. I will buy your books for my clients.

— Shaloma Gray

I am enjoying all the courses and sharing them with those around me. My life is greatly enhanced and my relationship with the Lord is deeper than I thought possible.

— Conchita Cassin

And now, Mark, I am off to my books and tapes again...I have to tell you, I am TOTALLY enjoying the coursework. I honestly believe that EVERY Christian needs to have this information. I would love to teach it at the YWAM Discipleship Training Schools.

— Joy Miller

What I like most is having flexibility, working with advisors who know me, and the joy I have knowing I am learning in a Spirit led way.

I was encouraged to go to Regent (it's a local school). There is an assumption that Regent is the way to go. But I kept having reservations I could not articulate. I prayed to be led to where I would flourish.

The day I saw CLU's information, my heart leaped! I have no shadow of doubt in my decision. I just signed up! Working with people who love me makes a huge difference in confidence. Learning in an environment of love makes all the difference.

The three biggest benefits I've enjoyed are peace, a decrease in fear, and confidence that I am obeying the Lord.

Would I recommend CLU to others? YES!

— Julie George

Throughout my courses at CLU I gained a deeper understanding of spiritual truths. Every course presented theology from a balanced biblical perspective. I am eternally grateful to CLU for the dedication and commitment in their unending search for theologically sound and well rounded materials. The courses, instructors and administration have worked diligently to encourage, inspire and help me every step of the way.

— Gayle Smith

As an alumnus of CLU I will be encouraging others to trek along the Lamad learning road at CLU. There is no better University anywhere for a Spirit-filled believer.

— John D. Chavers, Ph.D.

I have finished my course work for my doctoral degree in Christian Counseling. I have been a lifelong educator and student. I can truly say that in all my years of attending different schools and taking classes from [five] universities, that the courses I had from CLU were far and away the most rewarding that I have ever taken. The books I read, the tapes I listened to, the workbooks and journals I kept along with the Scripture readings have all allowed me to better serve the young men at our school. With each and every course I took, I developed a better relationship with God.
See the complete letter Eric sent us.

— Eric Boland
Headmaster, Camden Military Academy

I have an awareness of God I’ve never had before. I received great insight that I’ve never known before.

— Betty Bowen

I have just finished “Communion With God,” my first course through CLU. What an incredible blessing!! I am in the midst of a deep “valley” experience in my life. I'm not sure that I would be walking as closely to the Lord as I am today were it not for journaling and hearing His voice. He has continued to speak hope to me throughout this difficult time.

— Pam Johnson

I have started REN103 Communion with God . This course is great! What a concept, to learn material that you can actually use and earn a degree at the same time! Brother, you must be hearing from God.

— Blake Nicademaus

To be honest, when I started the course, I was focused on the excitement of being so close to getting my degrees that I was eager to simply plough into the lessons and just get them done. But God had another plan. The way that the course is written and presented does not allow one to simply study and regurgitate knowledge. From the very outset I found myself forced to focus on the spiritual dynamics of the truths being presented and was immediately confronted by the Holy Spirit telling me, ‘Now I have your attention, you’re not getting away!’ I was going to get what I desired (my degrees), but God was going to get what He wanted first, which was ‘me.’

— Rev. Robert Butler


— Chris Wells

We need more experiential basic teaching of this kind to bring maturity to the Body. Excellent.

— Judy Eckhart

I cannot tell you how much these courses have touched my life and ministry. My prayer life has become anointed and I have been receiving more visions than ever. God is moving in a mighty way! Praise God. I praise Him for leading me to this University. I had such a burning in my spirit to take courses and I thank Him for that also.

— Denise Balasa

Oh my, I am speechless...I have completed only the first several lessons in Communion With God and my life has been totally, totally transformed. He is such a wonderful, wonderful God. A few months ago I told Him I was desperate for more of Him...I had no idea His answer to my prayer would be so exceedingly abundantly above anything I could ever have imagined. My days and nights are now filled with His presence. Thank you for your service to Him, Mr. Virkler. I will be in touch as I progress through the course....

— Amy

Communion With God by Mark and Patti Virkler has dramatically changed my prayer life. I have found I can will to dialogue with Christ on a daily basis, and I do. I believe this inspired approach to be absolutely essential to the growth of every serious Christian. I further believe Communion With God is an excellent example of the uniquely powerful way God is reaching out to His people today.

— Dr. Richard Watson,
Oral Roberts University

I just want to take time to thank you for your help and for the opportunity to receive the blessing that courses give. God has certainly used them in my life. I can say with confidence, that this has been a wonderful time of healing and learning. It is one of the most blessed and experiential times of study that I have ever entered into. May God continue to use you to teach and bless others, with the healing touch of Christ.

Rev. Robert Butler

Praise the Lord for the Communion With God course! Through the adventure into the practices of journaling, vision, and unabashed praise I have come to feel closer to God than ever I have in my years of one-sided prayer and self-righteous appearances in church on Sunday. As a result of this course I have drawn infinitely closer to the Lord and continue to move closer still. Communion with Him is indescribably more rewarding than the lopsided prayer directed to a far away God to which I was accustomed.

— Jessica Burton

I heartily recommend Prayers That Heal the Heart. It is the most biblical book I have read on counseling and spiritual warfare, in terms of emotional healing. While there are other good books out there that God has used, red flags have always gone up in my mind by their use of methods borrowed by modern psychology. This book isn't like that, and it is thoroughly practical with its exercises and worksheets. It can definitely be used by the Lord to change your life and break the enemy's power in your life.

Brian Shilhavy

Every Christian should read Naturally Supernatural at least once a week! You write so clearly it would be pleasant to sit under your teaching! It really would be a life changing experience!

— Isaac E. Rerri

I enrolled in CLU in October. The classes have been beyond anything I had hoped for. This has been more like an adventure than school.

Vanessa Tinsley-Stone

I find it absolutely wonderful. The material is put together well and addresses all the concerns of pursuing the inward journey. I believe this course will change the Body of Christ in many ways and prepare it for the coming of the Lord. I am praising God for blessing you and your wife in allowing you to write such a powerful book and develop such a powerful course.

Robert John Cericola

I feel that you have been appointed by the Lord and anointed by Him to speak this important truth of Communion With God to the body of Christ. May God’s blessings be upon you.
— Ras Robinson,
Former Editor and President of “Fulness Magazine”

God is definitely changing me because of this course. I can’t begin to express my gratitude.

— Lynda

I was introduced to a course of study called Communion With God containing a real anointed teaching on drawing closer to God. It is the favorite of all our students and I don’t think I will ever have a school without it.

— Dr. Harold Reents,
Academic Dean,
Christ for the Nations

Because the Communion With God tapes have been such a blessing to me, after nearly twenty years of struggling how to hear God’s voice and then know it was, I want to use the CWG videos in the cell/home groups.

— Pastor Graham Thomas,
Grantham Christian Fellowship AOG
Grantham, England

I am taking Communion With God, Gifted to Succeed and Women, God's Plan. I find all of these courses to be, exhilarating, uplifting, very informative, thought provoking but most of all, of God.

— Carolyn Bard

I have really enjoyed the courses I have received from CLU. Many of the things that I have learned I have thought about over the years but was never able to put into words. Again, thank you.

— Rev. Richard Martin II

We have been using Communion With God for some months now in all our home groups and one after another people whose prayer lives were dry difficult affairs have blossomed as they have heard the Heavenly Father commune with them, His children.

— Rev. Bill A. VanZutphen,
Baptist Church, Wollongong, Australia

Our church, GEREJA YESUS KRISTUS TUHAN c/o ABBALOVE MINISTRIES - Jakarta, uses Mark and Patti Virkler’s books in our Bible school and to promote church growth through our cell group program. We also use these books to strengthen the network of churches that relate to us.

— Pastor Eddy Leo,
Abbalove Ministries, Jakarta, Indonesia

Nine years ago we had Mark come and teach CWG at the church we pastored in Ontario, Canada. The principles he taught guided us in hearing the Lord’s voice until that voice eventually led us and our five children here to Kiev, Ukraine to work with YWAM as missionaries. Those same CWG principles kept us here during difficult days of lawlessness and lack in the nation. Recently, we had Mark come to Kiev and teach over 900 Ukrainians in these same principles and the response was overwhelming, with hundreds expressing a new release of God’s voice in their lives as well as the way they see and understand God’s character. Many pastors are now asking for return visits from Mark. Mark’s book is now being translated into Russian and we are looking forward to many from this former atheistic communist nation to be transformed with Communion With God as one of our primary tools.

— Dan & Gwen Slade,
Youth with a Mission, Kiev, Ukraine

I attended a Communion With God seminar which changed my life. The revelation that I could hear the voice of God was truly amazing, it took me beyond a doctrine to an intimate experience. This has had a profound effect on our congregation as many have also done the course and have been released into an exciting way of living because they are actually hearing from God themselves. This has resulted in growth and maturity. So impressed have we been that we now offer the courses through our own Bible College.

— Rev. Robert O. Marshall,
Senior Pastor of Tableland Christian Faith Centre, Assistant Superintendent of the Assemblies of God,
Far Northern District
Queensland, Australia

When I heard Mark’s material in the early 80’s, it quadrupled my ability to hear God’s voice, taking a lot of the guess work out.

— Rev. Dale Bolton,
Senior Pastor of Thornhill Vineyard,
Ontario, Canada

Your manual on Communion With God is very, very rich and wonderful. I am going to study personally with it. I praise God for your ministry and wonderful contribution to the body of Christ. If you have written other study manuals, would you kindly send a copy of each one of them to me?

— Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho
Senior Pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Church, the world’s largest church (with 750,000 members) in Seoul, South Korea

The whole teaching on Communion With God has been a wonderful help as well as the Counseled by God teaching, has been of great personal benefit both to myself and to my wife, Carol. Dialogue with God is worth a million dollars to any Christian who is serious about the issue of hearing the voice of God. Mark’s teaching on this issue profoundly impacted my life.

— Rev. John Arnott,
Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship

Dr. Mark, thank you for your obedience and dedication to God's will to bring this powerful and life-changing message of freedom, healing and a genuine relationship with God to us. Through the books in the course Prayers That Heal the Heart, God, our loving and caring Father, found a way in starting His healing ministry to me. I wanted a Ph.D. and now I get what I really needed: A life united with Christ!

— Hermanus,
South Africa

I'm taking Communion With God. I am so blessed so far. My life is already completely transformed. I went from hearing God speak to me once in a while to hearing Him not just in my journaling times but even throughout the rest of the day. What a difference this has made.

— Andrew Steck

Becoming a part of CLU has changed my life…Each time I study, the presence of the Holy Spirit is right there and is sooo strong. It grows more intense at times. I am amazed at His presence, wisdom, and what He reveals while studying. Each course has its own aspect of communing with God. When I speak to people around me about this, they don't quite understand, and that is okay. I am thankful that God is feeding me. CLU is a true University, put together by God and ordained by HIM. Thank you for catching the vision and running with it.

— Stacie Horne

The course Communion With God was helpful in various respects. It was practical, which seems too often a rare thing in doing assignments for Bible College or Seminary. I have found this course helping me to know Jesus, rather than just knowing about Jesus. From applying the insights that God has given Mark Virkler there is a sharper sensitivity in my heart to hearing the Lord speak to me. I have been finding a new sensitivity and expectancy to hear God speaking through everyday circumstances.

— Dr. Carter McKeague,

Dear Mr. Virkler, I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for this course. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It has revolutionized my relationship with Jesus.

— Tess Martone

The course Communion With God IS GOING TO CHANGE THE NATION by building a new generation of people that hear God’s voice and dream God’s dreams.

— Rev. Thomas Reid,
The Tabernacle

A wonderful program that will be a great blessing to many.

— Stan DeKoven, Ph.D.,
President, Vision Christian College

The curriculum offering is inspiring and compels me to want to increase learning. As soon as I can, I will enroll to pursue a Master’s degree and Doctoral studies. I appreciate also that courses are offered on the internet, and bring the school into the 21st century, ahead of many schools.

— Rev. Walter Goodlette, Jr.

I am impressed! I think you have done a masterful job.

— Rev. Maurice Fuller

God has anointed and ordained you to develop such a college for ‘such a time as this’. How exciting to be part of a university of such caliber.

— Rev. Janice S. Strawn

Communion With God has been one of the most life-changing teachings I have ever received. I am amazed at how the truths I learned in Communion With God have become a part of my foundation in Christ. Sharing these truths with others and seeing an awakening in their hearts has brought a joy to my heart beyond words.

— Jason Buck, B&G Manager, Crossroads Evangelical Covenant Church

I find it very comfortable to embrace the fundamental concepts of Christian Leadership University. We Christians need to be current with the educational needs of our adherents. Formal classroom training is unavailable to many of them. Let’s use the most modern teaching tools available to this generation.

Christian Leadership University offers Bible-based education for those who have a call into full-time ministry and for those who do not. The truth is, God has a call for each life. The highest worship we can offer God is to fulfill that call in a Christ honoring manner whether that be as a laborer, professional, business man or woman, or homemaker. Quality training needs to be Bible-centered, for ‘The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments’ (Psalm 111:10).

— Judson Cornwall

What I needed to hear for years! I was blessed for all eternity.

— Floyd Wells

'Pray', 'Ask God', 'Seek His Direction', 'Listen for His Voice', all are expressions that we pastors and teachers exhort our people with. Communion With God is a course that teaches our people to do just that. It teaches us to receive those precious words our Heavenly Father desires to speak to us.

— Rev. Bob Buck, Professor, New Life Bible Institute

How Lorraine O'Neal learned to hear God's voice — 25 years after becoming a Christian!

Dear Dr. Virkler, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your teaching and ministry. God has used you to radically change my life. 

I've been a Christian for over 25 years, but always struggled to hear God speak. I never heard anything! Anytime someone would tell me 'God told me…' I would get angry because He never told me anything! I could really relate to your story.

Several years ago, a friend (whom I think you've met via the telephone) here in Anchorage, Alaska, gave me a copy of your tape '4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice.' (God must have told him how much I struggled in this area!) Anyway, I was skeptical, and thought if there were really 4 simple keys, I should have discovered them by this time, as I had a strong Bible background and prayer life. But, having nothing to lose, I decided to listen anyway. Amazingly, and stunningly, the principles worked just as you simply explained! I was so thrilled.

Since that time, my relationship with the Lord has blossomed and grown more than I can describe. Thank you. I ordered your workbook, and went through the Communion with God teachings, and I love to journal.

I am a teacher, so I want to explain things so other people 'get it'. I knew that if I had struggled this much over the years to hear from God, others must have the same difficulty. I talked with our pastor and with Dave Brock (a local prayer counselor and member of our church) and we developed a workshop called 'Hearing the Voice of God.'

We present a number of short teachings on the many ways (including Journaling) God speaks....We've done 5 quarterly workshops so far. The participants are always wowed out and tell us their lives will never be the same. I'm thrilled that I get to participate in their God discoveries. So thanks be to God and to you for your impact on lives across the country!


Hearing God's voice releases unlimited creativity into the marketplace

Bill Dupley, Business Solution Manager, Hewlett-Packard, Canada

I have been journaling since 1992 using your material. I have often journaled about business issues and problems and God has given me wisdom to solve business problems as well as give direction in relationships, sales campaigns, and solution approaches.

There were two examples I felt that you might be interested in. The first occurred in a marketing meeting where we were trying to develop a new marketing tag line that captured the value of a new solution we were bringing to market. The team was stumped, so I journaled and the Lord gave me a marketing tag line. I told the team, they were amazed and said that was great, and it opened an entirely new approach for the team to work on.

On another occasion I was really stumped trying to write a marketing brochure for a seminar my wife and I are doing, I tried to write it but I was really stuck. I journaled and the Lord gave me the entire copy. I simply wrote it down.

In addition to my day job, Sue and I are also itinerant ministers. I used to take five hours to write sermons; now using journaling they are done in about 30 minutes.

The approach to hearing God that I learned from you has completely transformed my Christian life and business. Thanks for teaching me this very practical method for hearing God's voice. I have taught it to others all over the world in my Christian seminars, and Sue and I have written a children's Sunday School program called 'Kids in Renewal' that teaches kids to hear God's voice using your method. This program has been taught in over 800 churches worldwide to date.


Georgia Risenhoover gets a job because she can hear God's voice!

Let me begin by saying thank you for some of the most incredible classes I have ever taken.

I'd like to share good news -- CLU is very much a part of doors opening.

I had an hour-long interview for the clinical pastoral education program at a hospital in Waco, Texas. Normally, the interview takes place with several persons, followed by a letter of acceptance later. And, once accepted, there is often a year waiting period to get into the CPE program.

During my interview at Hillcrest Baptist Hospital I mentioned that God is never 'wordy.' The director of the program and his assistant kind of chuckled and said that's cute -- God is never wordy. I simply said that I found Him to have what I call a universal male-sounding voice, which is filled with gentleness and that His living word always seems to effect my body by energizing it.

It soon hit both of these pastors that I was not joking. They listened and I told them of auditions, visions and dreams. Then, I shared how I ended up at CLU and it was the best gift from the hand of God and that the final classes I am taking through CLU are the best classes I have taken at any seminary in the past several years.

I was sent out of the room so that they could talk. When I returned they told me that they wanted me in their program right away. The director stated that he had been in the ministry for 30 years and never heard the terms I was using and has never heard the voice of God. He told me that he has never had anyone in the program that spoke of these things and it was a mandatory condition of my being in the program to bring all of what I have learned from CLU with me. The director said he wants what I have and he, too, wants to hear the voice of God.

I will be spending 11 weeks beginning around June 6th in Waco…I can pick two wards and pastor those two wards totally for my shift for those 11 weeks...I was concerned that I may not be ready or capable to handle the changing drama of the ER but God gave me a dream and showed me standing in the middle of the ER. The dream had much detail but most important He showed me that He was 'all over me.' He will be with me. I no longer feel reluctant.

In the closing of my interview they gave me a compliment I would have never given myself. They felt I have maturity in my faith that is unusual - CLU has taken me there!

After the 11 weeks, I will be serving in a CPE program closer to my home in a much larger hospital. I was taken right into that program, too.

The Lord is so, so sweet.

If for some reason I had missed out on being a student of CLU, I would have missed out on absolutely 'everything' that is the most important.

My heartfelt thanks to you and my instructors, and to think that we may never meet until we reach heaven hurts my heart, because I feel such gratitude for the years of study, prayer and commitment you have shared and gifted to me through my classes. May God bless you.


Amidst the chaos of everyday life, Christine Miller finds the deepest spiritual intimacy she's ever known

Christine Miller
Sitka, Alaska
What I like most about CLU is the unique philosophy of education, and the Spirit-filled focus of learning.

I had been praying for over a year for God to direct me to the right school. When I first read your web page; my spirit got all excited, and I knew this was where God wanted me to start taking classes.

The three biggest benefits I've enjoyed are:

  1. Deeper intimacy with the Lord
  2. Better biblical understanding of how God works and the ways He speaks to us.
  3. Sharing what I've learned with others

For the past six years I have felt trapped and unable to grow and mature spiritually amidst the chaos that was going on around me; that I was just hanging on, and no matter how hard I pressed in, worshipping the Lord seemed to be the only thing that brought me into God’s presence and gave me peace.

God, using what I’ve learned through this course has changed all that. I feel that I can walk victoriously during and through my growth, instead of seeing things from the hindsight perspective; no matter what life’s circumstances may be. And that my victory will be lasting, not just fleeting moments come and gone; only lasting until the next attack or trial.

I have a more biblical and life-applicable understanding of how God works in regards to dreams and visions, and in approaching Him.

The two-way journaling, dialoguing with God, has taken my relationship with God to the deeper, more intimate level that I had been longing and praying for.

I have a greater understanding of the importance of humility, forgiveness, and obedience in my relationship with God and with others.

Regarding my attitudes and behaviors; I can say that my life circumstances have not changed that much from what they were three months ago when I started this class, but God has changed me, in spite of my circumstances.

The visual area of my life that has increased the most during this course is spiritual dreams. God has given me dreams in response to prayer for most of my 11 years of walking with Him, but I did not have the instruction of how to interpret those dreams, and I did not always recognize that the dream was God answering me or showing me things in the spirit; this course has helped me greatly in this area.

What that has done for me is to help me seek out spiritual dreams from the Lord, especially when I have a concern that I’m too attached to emotionally. I’ve started asking God for spiritual dreams to clarify His will in these situations, and He has been faithful every time I’ve asked Him to give me a dream that expresses His will.

This is very exciting to me, as I have been longing for many years to have this kind of a relationship with God, but felt stuck, and didn’t know how to move deeper.

I understand better what it is to live in His presence daily. I can enter the holy of holies anytime I want. I feel the presence of God come on me throughout my day, speaking to me; guiding and leading me in His truth for every situation. I have a depth of intimacy with the Lord that I have longed and prayed for these past 6 years. I experienced God before, but not daily at the depth of intimacy that I’m experiencing now, and I know it will only get deeper and sweeter with time. I am not alone.


Now I realize that I've been hearing God's voice all along!

I loved being able to do this course on MY time. I could do it at work on break, at night while kids were doing there homework, or in bed in my P.J.s. It was wonderful.

Before enrolling, I was skeptical because I knew this was not a "traditional" college and was apprehensive, but GOD kept leading me back to THIS website and finally said "go forth."

I will never doubt God's voice again. I, like Mark, never knew that I too could hear Him, and didn't realize that I HAD been hearing Him all that time, but I never recognized it!!

I recommend CLU to all my brothers and sisters in Christ, young or old. Ministers, Pastors, Evangelist, everyone! This class can either brush up our already God-given talents, or let you know what God's purpose and will is for you, just by being still and listening!

I believe that this course should be a part of EVERY Church in the world as a Bible Study class. What a way to spend 12 to 14 weeks of Bible study. This course is all there and all you need is the students. I began teaching it in my Bible Study for Teens, and they too now know that they HAD been hearing from God and didn't even realize it!

Audrey Copeland-Jones
Tyler, Texas

My Experience with Christian Leadership University

Nicholas Mark Kusmich, Jr.

Selecting my post-secondary education came as a very difficult task to me. I just came fresh out of high school, and knew I was called into full-time ministry, yet didn't know where to go to get trained. So many people have so many opinions as to what to do and where to go that it all got me confused, but confusion is usually one's first step to revelation.

Though my story is very personal and individualized to myself and how God dealt with me and led me to where I am today, I believe what I have learned can help others so they don't have to go through the same difficult process that I did.

CLU is different. It is on the cutting edge of what God is doing in His training of end-time workers.

I remember my first class at CLU. At that point I had been enrolled in CLU as well as another traditional Bible College/Seminary in the area. After my CLU class I was to go to my other class and I was going to study at both schools on a part-time basis.

In my very first class at CLU, God spoke to me loud and clear through what was being taught. He showed me what Bible school was really all about; how it was not so much a school of the mind, but a school of the heart. By the end of the class I knew what I was to do. I felt led of the Lord that I should go to my other institution and let them know I would no longer be studying there with them, and then to study full-time at CLU. I have never looked back since.

Even the first class changed my life. I felt that not only was my mind being expanded by the truths of God's Word, but my heart and spirit were also growing. This was a school of the Spirit and was changing me with every class.

The great thing that I had realized was that each class and each lesson was 100% applicable and practical. As a youth pastor I was able to take everything I had learned and then re-teach it. I saw many of my young people's lives changed. I remember in particular one time, where I taught about one of the classes called the Father Heart of God. That night during our service several people got saved and many, many others ministered to by the power of His Spirit. It was amazing to see so many lives touched and changed. There are testimonies coming out from my ministry every single week about how the truths that I have learned and then re-taught have dramatically changed the lives of many of the young people.

Furthermore, my life has been changed as a result of the practicability of the courses. I am a very hands-on, application type of person, and like to apply what I learn right away. At the close of each of my courses I am able to apply everything I have learned and see a change in my life. It is absolutely amazing to be able to see every area of your life change as a result of what you are learning.

Part of what I appreciate is that CLU can be custom-designed to fit my needs and me. I work in the ministry here in the Toronto area, and felt called to stay here and not leave my family, my ministry nor my city. I have a busy schedule with plenty of things on my plate, but CLU allows me to stay in the will of God for my life during this season, and yet still pursue my education. This has been one of the greatest aspects of what I am doing.

One thing that I will always remember is that at CLU I am treated as more than just a student but a person and a disciple. I really feel Dr. Virkler and the staff take a keen interest in me, my development and my ministry. Mark has been such a blessing to me and I can honestly write and say that I would not be who I am, if it wasn't for him, his ministry and CLU.

When people ask me about my studies and my education, all I can do is smile and say "I totally love every moment of it." Every day is a new adventure, and I look forward to what's in store every time I continue in a course. The truths are fresh and life-giving, and my life is being impacted every day.

I remember how I took a class in a well-recognized seminary. The experience taught me several things. I learned that seminary-level courses in some Christian academic institutions are very irrelevant.

Choosing where you will be trained, discipled and educated is a very important decision. We are called to be good stewards of our time, resources and finances, and really are called to only do things that will help lead us towards what God has called us to do.

I have tasted a bit of both worlds when it comes to traditional Bible colleges and CLU, and have learned much from the experience. I can go on into many specific details in comparing the two, but when it really comes down to it, you need to follow your heart. CLU has changed my life, and it will change yours too, but like in anything, what you put into something is what you'll get back from it.

Usually, you get one end of the spectrum or another when it comes to Christian university education: an irrelevant, expensive institution that grants degrees; or an anointed, Bible-teaching, life-changing institution that does not grant degrees. The great thing with CLU is that not only will you be trained in the field of your calling, but you will be earning a fully accredited university degree. You get the best of both worlds with CLU...an anointed, life-changing, relevant learning experience, and an academic university degree that you can apply to your field. What more can you ask for?

Make the right choice.


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“Oh my, I am speechless...I have completed only the first several lessons in Communion With God and my life has been totally, totally transformed. He is such a wonderful, wonderful God. A few months ago I told Him I was desperate for more of Him...I had no idea His answer to my prayer would be so exceedingly abundantly above anything I could ever have imagined. My days and nights are now filled with His presence. Thank you for your service to Him, Mr. Virkler. I will be in touch as I progress through the course....”
— Amy

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