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Spiritual Counselincounselling-300x199g is exactly what we teach and do at Christian Leadership University.  To us, Spiritual Counseling is when we are able to interact with the Holy Spirit, we are touched by the Holy Spirit, we are able to bring the Holy Spirit into the counseling session and we can release the Holy Spirit into our lives to heal.

When I counsel people, it’s all inner healing and deliverance. When you cast a demon out, it’s releasing the power of God to set their heart free of a demon. When it’s inner healing, you’re letting Jesus walk into the situation and bring healing.

One Woman’s Story of Spiritual Healing:

Spiritual Counseling can bring healing, as was evidenced by my work with one particular woman.  Ten years ago she began her battle with breast cancer.

I asked her, “What happened 10 years ago in your life?”

She thought for a moment; she said, “My son moved away to another country. I was heartbroken, because I home-schooled him and I was so close to him, and I was angry that they left and angry at his wife for taking him.”

And, of course, then she gets breast cancer.

I said, “Have you ever done inner healing, let Jesus walk into that scene?”

She said “No.”

So we did inner healing. You can call this Christian counseling or spiritual counseling, but here’s what we did, and it was great!

I led her in prayer. I said, “Holy Spirit, will you take this woman back to a scene where she needs to go to, where her heart was hurt and wounded about her son leaving?”

I waited a moment and said, “Do you see a scene?”

She said, “Yes, I see a scene. It’s when my son and daughter-in-law are telling me they’re going to another country.”

I said, “Okay, Jesus, we invite you into that scene. Show up.”

I just waited for a few minutes and I said, “Do you see Jesus?”

She said, “Yeah, I see Him.”

I said, “Okay Lord, we just invite you to move freely. What do you want to say to this woman?”

And then she began sharing with me what Jesus was saying to her. She’d already taken our course Communion With God, so she could hear God’s voice and see visions, As she told me what happened, I just typed it out, and God gave her a beautiful vision. He showed her anger and bitterness that was in her heart towards her daughter-in-law for “taking” her son to another part of the world.

We prayed and we repented the anger and bitterness, and I had her see her daughter’s face in the prayer time and I said, “I want you to say to her, ‘I forgive you and I release you and I honor you and I bless you,’” and she did.

We asked Jesus to circumcise her heart and cut out any anger and bitterness and give her a new heart, a heart of love. This is all spiritual counseling. He did that, and she felt a release, she felt a peace. The scene went on to a few more things, and I said, “Okay, now you need to type this all up and put it at eyeball level and look at this new scene.”

He showed her the gift that was in them moving to that country, which we say this:

A hurt is healed when you can see the gift that God’s produced in your life through it.

He showed her the gift.

He said, “The fact that your son is there, he’s had a chance to get away from some of his friends back home, which he needed to get away from because they were not good influences on him, and he’s had a chance to move into ministry to a much greater capacity,” (because he’s training right now for ministry and functioning in ministry, to a much better capacity than he ever would have back home.) She saw that for the first time.

I said, “Okay, you need to type this all up, put it at eyeball level so when you look at the picture, you see the new picture, not the old one, and you have thankfulness in your heart that God took him there so he could fulfill his destiny for his life and enlarge the ministry He had for him, and feel thankfulness and not anger and bitterness.”

She needed to do this because the anger and bitterness, of course, produced breast cancer and it’s now gone to her bones. She had bone cancer. So, she signed up with us for a course on healing, and I’m her mentor, and we’re going to see if we can’t get her free of bone cancer.

Disease in the Body begins with Dis-Ease in the Soul
And I’m sure we can, because your disease in your body begins with dis-ease in your soul. We already located the foundation of the dis-ease in her soul and we found the first step of the healing process. And she listed two other areas for me which also produce great dis-ease in her soul, and we’ll pray about those next time we get together on the phone, and we’ll work our way through all three.

For this woman, it’s important that from this day on, she look at the new picture that God just gave her and never the old one. That’ll produce a stream of light, not a stream of death, and it’ll bring healing to her body.

That is Spiritual Counseling
So, that’s all spiritual counseling, because I drew her into interaction with the Holy Spirit and with Jesus, He ministered grace and set her free, He healed her heart, and as a result will heal her body too. That’s my definition of spiritual counseling. We teach that in our course Prayers to Heal the Heart and Communion With God, Counseled by God, and Christian Dream Interpretation.