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Opportunities in Christian Counseling/Ministry

The counseling courses taken at CLU are practical, biblical, spiritual and life-changing.

Once you have taken any of these courses, you can then teach them in a small group, home group, or Sunday school class as often as you like.

As people are drawn to these classes, they will become aware that you also offer one-on-one counseling for individuals, couples and parent-child relationships.

As you meet with people and they are helped, they will tell their friends and your clientele will grow.

Another suggestion, of course, would be to work on staff at your local church. Many of our students already have active counseling ministries within their current professional/ministerial setting.

Opportunities also exist to share in professional settings from the knowledge you gain in your counseling training. These opportunities are found often in para-church ministries such as chaplaincies in nursing homes, hospitals, hospice and law enforcement.

Become a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors

and receive a certificate which you can hang on the wall of your counseling office, stating that you are a member in good standing of the American Association of Christian Counselors. Cost is $79 per year. Complete the application online at www.aacc.net.

Counseling Insurance is available to members of AACC, from the “American Professional Agency” at www.americanprofessional.com.

Licensing and ordination available from the Communion With God Leaders Network.

Read the book “Keeping Your Ministry Out of Court” by Dr. E. James Wilder and Dr. Ed Smith ($14.95). It is very interesting and helpful. It can be ordered from them at (270) 465 3757.

On our counseling testimonies page you will find many powerful stories of how God is using these courses to transform the lives of people all around the world. The next story could be yours!

Christian counseling course details

In the Christian Counseling Concentration you will find the price, number of credits, and description of each of our Christian counseling courses online.

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