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How to Establish a Church-centered Bible School Using Revelation-Based Curriculum

For those of you who are interested in providing in-depth training within your church and community, we stand ready to assist you in several ways.

Our goal is to serve you by providing Revelation-based curriculum by Spirit anointed leaders which can release an impartation into your people and for those students who desire to do the required work, can culminate with a diploma or degree from Christian Leadership University.

Our goal is to allow you to meet each of your students exactly where they are, whether they are simply searching for ongoing spiritual growth, a diploma, or a degree. For those simply desiring spiritual growth, they can simply audit the courses you are offering. You are welcome to add on a tuition cost to your student which is money that goes completely to your church.

To do this, we have developed two ways you can access these training materials:

  1. School of the Spirit offers 20+ completely electronic video training experiences with self-scoring online quizzes, where you provide a course syllabi with weekly classes composed of video instruction, Q&A and corporate sharing of student’s application experiences. A student receives everything for all 20+ courses for only $1795 or they can purchase one course for $99 or $197 each. More info here…
  2. Extensive Bible School pack ($2700) contains 100+ course syllabi. These have tests you administer in the classroom, and then score and file grades for each of your students. Some of the courses have DVD instructors. One set of materials included for the top 30 core courses only. Students purchase their own course materials, course by course as they take the courses. Be sure to read through the info here…

You can order both of the above programs if so desired and the total price for both would be reduced to $3495 plus shipping.

Free Download: “How to Start a Bible School in Your Local Church”

Please contact us ([email protected]) to discuss any questions you may have and how we can best serve you, your church and your community.

Also, CLU President Dr. Mark Virkler is more than glad to come and do a weekend seminar on How to Hear God’s Voice, as a way to heighten interest and get students enrolled in your first semesters course(s). Click here for tips on hosting a successful seminar.


See the comparison chart showing the unique features of both of the above approaches.

School of the Spirit

Bible School Program

Focus: Personal Spiritual Growth Focus: Training for Full Time Ministry
Less Homework (2 Hr./Wk./Course)
4 hours/week if completing in 2 years
More Homework (7 Hrs./Wk./Course)
An audit student does 1 Hr./Wk./Course
Weekly class time for instruction,
Q & A and application exercises
Weekly class time for instruction,
Q & A and application exercises
Earn a CLU Diploma
by completing 18 Courses
Option to “Step Up” to CLU Degree
Earn CLU  Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Degrees
Option to “Step Down” and audit courses
Electronic media provided initially with discount coupon to add hard copies Many courses provide option of either electronic media or hard copies.
Gifted teachers through streaming
video for all 20+ Modules

Some of the 100 courses do not have DVDs or CDs so church provides gifted instructors

Online self-scoring quizzes required & all records automatically kept online Church grades tests, papers and courses and keeps student records in database or file
Electronic media provided initially with discount coupon to add hard copies with broadcast rights for churches – $1850  Order Here  Bundle Price for 100 Course Syllabi and
Top 30 Core Courses – $2700
Explained in detail here
Student pays $1795 for all 18 courses;  25% of this can be returned to local church plus church may charge extra tuition Student purchases materials for each course and pays whatever additional tuition fee the church sets
Saturation learning as the student owns the course instruction in every medium and can review in home and automobile Student generally will not have access to audio and video of the course for constant review from their home and automobile
Download the Articulation Agreement here Download the Articulation Agreement here
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