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how-to-teach-300x200At Christian Leadership University, we want to cultivate strong Christian leaders.  So, how do we teach Christian leadership qualities?

A Different Concept
Most Christian leadership courses solely focus on trying to teach techniques a person can use to become a more effective leader.  They talk about communication skills, creating a team, inspiring people, etc.  While this can create effective leaders, it’s missing the core of Christian leadership, God.  This can lead to people who lead people towards ungodly pursuits or people leading towards good goals, but relying on their own reason and will to get them there instead of God’s reason and power.

Our leadership concept focuses on each student’s spiritual formation and ability to hear the voice of God.  We want to help form leaders who know how to hear God’s voice, to know how to respond to God’s voice, and to know how to act upon God’s voice.  God tells us the goals to lead towards and the way to go.  So, at CLU, the Christian leadership qualities we focus on are how to hear the voice of God.

Learning to Hear God’s Voice
To start, we have every student complete the course on how to hear God’s voice.  The name of the course is titled, “Communion with God.”  It is a 12 week course, and we teach students practical ways to hear for God’s voice.  We spend time in class defining what it means to hear God, and defining things you can do to hear God’s voice.  By the end of the 12 weeks, students will feel confident in their ability to hear from God.

We Guarantee Results
This course is a required first step for all students.  By the end we expect that all our students will be hearing from God and seeing visions.  We have a four step plan, and if you can plug in and complete all four steps, you will be successful.  We are so confident of this success rate, that we back it up with a money back guarantee.  If at the end of the course you are not able to hear from God or see visions, we will give you back your tuition fee for the course.   Out of roughly 6,000 students, we’ve only given three people their money back.  This was because they were not fully committed to following through with all four steps.  Even so, we gave them their money back.

If you are ready to take the next step and learn how to hear from God, please contact us at Christian Leadership University.