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Beverly Ann SnyderAs Christians, we have been taught that “God is always with us.” But when was the last time you saw Him in your everyday life?

Imagine transforming that detached head knowledge about Jesus’ omnipresence into a real daily experience? You can. And it’s easier than you ever dreamed possible.

Through your training at CLU, you will learn how to enter into creative visionary prayer just as Beverly Ann Snyder did in this Prayers That Heal Heart course exercise:


“Dear Lord, I remember when I was in sixth grade and loved playing basketball. When they had try-outs for the team I was very nervous, but as I look to my left I see You there with me. You’re even dressed like my Coach – in shorts, a sport shirt, hat and sneakers! You’re encouraging me as I bounce the ball saying, “You’re doing great! You can do it!” And later when I score a point for my team, I look off to my right and see You in the bleachers smiling and cheering.

“After a little while everyone lines up along the wall as they start to pick people for the school team. I feel an arm around me as I listen carefully. I look and see it’s You, Jesus – and You’re even eating a hot dog! I feel Your love and acceptance in my heart, it’s beautiful. Soon I hear my name called to be one of the players on the team. I turn to see You, Jesus, and we give each other a high five! This was such a happy day for me.”


Prayers That Heal the Heart is foundational to our Counseling major.