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Join with the thousands

of others who have been called, trained and anointed to stand in the gap so that God’s mercy may flow and His will be accomplished in individuals, families, churches, communities, nations and the world!

It is the Holy Spirit who leads us in intercession. One of the Hebrew words for intercession is “paga” which literally means “to strike or light upon by chance.”

As God leads us in intercession, He sends us His thoughts which strike and light upon us as chance encounter thoughts, and these flowing, spontaneous thoughts are actually His voice leading us in the things He wants us to intercede for.
Intercessors pray, being led by the Holy Spirit, and they change the world through those prayers. Thus it is vital that intercessors have finely tuned their hearts to hear and see in the spirit so that they may instantly respond to the blowing of the Wind.
Hearing God’s voice within your heart, through your dreams and the dreams of others, and through the Word are essential.
Being aware of your spirit and recognizing the movement of the Holy Spirit within is vital.
Knowing how to move in the anointing and what you can do to increase the anointing upon you will greatly increase your effectiveness. All of these skills will be included in your training in this concentration.

​You will be equipped with an understanding of the role and the power of intercession, a knowledge of various models of prayer that have proven effective, and a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit that He may lead you in the intercessory process so that with joy you are able to carry and release burdens at His direction.

Online Intercession Degrees

The courses listed below may be taken as a Intercession Certificate or applied as a major concentration toward any of the following online Intercession Degrees:

  • Associate of Intercession
  • Bachelor of Intercession
  • Master of Intercession
  • Doctor of Intercession

Additional work is required when an undergraduate-level course is taken on the graduate level. Course substitutions and combining major concentrations are possible when working toward your Christian Leadership Degree online. Discuss these options with the Dean. The key is to follow God’s passion within your heart. Students in the Master’s and Doctoral programs earn approximately 30 credits for each degree from specific courses, and the remaining 10 credits by doing practical ministry work and earning “practica” credits.


Communion With God - REN103/503

Have you ever wished you could sit down and have a long talk with the Lord? When you’re worried or confused, wouldn’t you love to see the situation from His perspective and hear how He wants you to respond? When things don’t seem to be going your way and your prayers aren’t answered the way you had hoped, wouldn’t it be great to hear Him tell you where He is in the midst of it, and what He is working out in your life?

Jesus promised that “My sheep hear My voice” (Jn. 10:27). If you are one of His sheep, then He is speaking to you and you are hearing His voice! The problem is that we have not learned how to recognize His voice and differentiate it from all of the other voices that bombard our hearts and minds. This course will help you discern the voice of the Lord within your heart, clearly and consistently, leading to a deeper intimacy with Him as well as greater faith, hope and joy. Your life will be transformed! (3 credits for REN103; 4 credits for REN503) (Course syllabus: REN103; REN503)

Introduction to Intercession - INT201
This course introduces you into the Life of Intercession. Subjects include: the task of intercession, pleading your case, identification in intercession and prophetic intercession. (3 credits) Course Syllabus
Prayers That Heal the Heart - COU301
This course teaches a series of seven specific prayers that will break bondages within your heart caused by spiritual forces. These prayers include breaking generational sins and curses; severing ungodly soul ties; removing negative beliefs and inner vows; healing traumatic scenes; and casting out demonic energy that has connected itself to these inner wounds of the heart and soul. The entire healing process is sealed by doing an intensive meditation on biblical passages that bear on the issues being healed so God can grant you illumined insights from His Word. (4 credits) Course Syllabus

“Who needs prayers that heal the heart? Just about everyone! God has really done a work in me through the studying and revelation of this ministry. He has given me a burden and a heart to see all people set free from all kinds of oppression. After all, He did command us to do so and minister to people’s needs. Prayers That Heal the Heart is going to be a major part of what I do vocationally for the rest of my life. I have a burden and a desire to see people walk in the liberty purchased for them on Calvary, and for them to experience the ZOE life God has come to give us. Thank You, Lord, for Your anointing to do what You did and see people come into all that You have for them.”  — Student taking Prayers That Heal the Heart

I heartily recommend Prayers That Heal the Heart. It is the most biblical book I have read on counseling and spiritual warfare, in terms of emotional healing. While there are other good books out there that God has used, red flags have always gone up in my mind by their use of methods borrowed by modern psychology. This book isn’t like that, and it is thoroughly practical with its exercises and worksheets. It can definitely be used by the Lord to change your life and break the enemy’s power in your life. — Brian Shilhavy

Dr. Mark, thank you for your obedience and dedication to God’s will to bring this powerful and life-changing message of freedom, healing and a genuine relationship with God to us. Through the books in the course Prayers That Heal the Heart, God, our loving and caring Father, found a way in starting His healing ministry to me. I wanted a Ph.D. and now I get what I really needed: A life united with Christ! — Hermanus, South Africa

War in the Spirit - REN208
“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers….” How often are Christians caught unaware of the enemy who rages around them seeking to devour them. With proper understanding and perspective, we can effectively engage the enemy and defeat him and his efforts against our lives, families, ministries and homes. Be a trained and prepared soldier. (3 credits) Course Syllabus

“It was absolutely life-changing. The thing I liked most about the course was…Everything! All of the course material was taught in a very strategic, insightful way. My instructor was absolutely great. The course has literally changed my life. I feel more empowered and faith-filled than ever. Great class!!” —Student taking War in the Spirit

Wisdom Through Dream Interpretation - REN310 / REN510
The Bible declares that God counsels us at night through our dreams (Ps. 16:7). The dreams in the Bible illustrate this principle, and all of us can learn to hear from God during the two hours of dream life we have each night. In this course, we will examine all 50 dreams of the Bible seeing how God interprets the symbolism and speaks to His children through their dreams (Num. 12:6; Acts 2:17). Prerequisite: REN103 Communion With God. (3 credits for REN310; 4 credits for REN510) (Course syllabus: REN310REN510)

“This course has truly made a significant impact on my life and laid the foundation for ongoing change and revelation. It is as if a whole new door has been opened in my life leading to a whole new world of never-before-found treasures and truths. I feel as though I am walking towards a new journey that will impact my life in a great way. I feel that more tools have been added to my spiritual toolbox to help myself and help others. When I fully grasp this practice of interpreting dreams, I will be walking in a greater dimension of wholeness, authority, counsel, wisdom and so much more. If it’s true that we spend one third of our lives sleeping and part of that dreaming, then it feels as though I have resurrected one third of my life and I can live more fully. The revelation of the importance of dreams and what God wants to do with us through dreams has been resounding in my spirit ever since I started this course.” —Student taking Wisdom Through Dream Interpretation

Secrets of the Spirit - PRO101

In this course you will learn how to flow in the full manifestation of the Holy Spirit, just like Jesus and Paul. This course trains you through the example of powerful testimonies, a study of the teaching of other leaders, and extensive biblical research to arrive at a theological summary of what is required for you to not only experience the baptism in the Holy Spirit, but to release all of His gifts as well. This class will teach you how every believer can flow in every spiritual gift and you will be equipped to more easily and daily live and walk by the Spirit! (3 credits) Course Syllabus


Specialized training opportunitiy which transfers easily into CLU:
God Encounters Training