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Jesus Teaches Me About Trust

May 19, 2017

(Two-way journaling from Counseled by God, Lesson 2)

(In a vision, I saw a bamboo suspension bridge high above a rushing river in the middle of a jungle. I was standing on the bridge in front of Jesus, trying to push the branches of leaves out of the way so I could see the pathway. The bridge swayed with each movement I made. Then I stopped. I realized that I needed to allow Jesus to be in front of me, and I should be the one following Him. When we switched places, all I could see was His tall body dressed in a white robe. I held on to the thick rope railing as I followed Him. I noticed that He did not have to push the large leaves and branches out of His way. They moved out of His way! Then I noticed that the bamboo planks under my feet began to fade away until there was nothing beneath me. Jesus told me to look up at Him, not below. When I did this, I held on tightly to the rope railing, but my feet were walking on air. I began laughing hysterically! A part of me felt scared that I might fall, but yet I knew I had no choice but to put my trust in Jesus and keep following Him until we crossed this bridge. The longer I followed Him, it became easier to fully trust Him, and then I felt more relaxed. I realized that putting my trust completely in Jesus was not that hard after all.)

GOD: Walk by faith. Look up at Me. Don’t look down at your circumstances in life or at work for surely you will begin to put your reasoning into practice and then you will stumble. Hold on to My Word for it is like the railings on the bridge. It will guide you down the path that I have set before you. Do not let go of My Word. Below you are the footings of the world, but if you place your trust in them, you will fall. Put your trust in My footings, which is My Word, My Spirit, My Presence, and knowing that I AM. My sheep hear My voice and follow Me. Do the same. Listen for My voice in your everyday life, and you will hear Me speaking to you. Like your letter of yesterday, bring everything to Me, your Abba, and I will take care of your concerns.

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