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My Near Death Experience that Began with a Dream – Part 1

Aug 10, 2017

In August of 2016, just three months before I suffered a heart attack followed by three cardiac arrests, I had a vivid dream that should have been a clue that something major was about to happen to me.  I recorded the details of my dream and left it for Holy Spirit to reveal the true interpretation to me when the time was right.  Eventually, I had completely forgotten about it until He reminded me of the dream after I had my near-death experience.

In the dream, I sensed that I was in a raunchy part of a town.  It was daytime.  I stood outside of a small store that sold all kinds of knickknacks.  There were two other women outside whom I didn’t know, and they were waiting for someone.  I went inside the store that was filled with cigarette smoke, card-playing men, and women who were dressed like gypsies.  There was a bar within the cramped store whose walls and shelves were filled with all kinds of things, including cheap jewelry and make-it-yourself jewelry beads.  It was definitely not my kind of environment or interest, but I sensed that I “worked” there.

A tall, well-dressed gentleman walked into the store.  He was wearing a pin-striped dress shirt, tie, dark slacks, and dress shoes.  Somehow, I knew this young man was looking for me, and that he was going to be my husband one day.  I thought it was strange that I had never met this man, yet I knew him.  And I loved him.  He came over to me and we spoke for a short while.  I don’t recall our conversation.  Then he walked outside to the side of the store where I could see him through a large picture window.  I wanted to be with him, and so I left the store and walked up to him from behind.  I must have climbed onto crates or something to give me height, and I threw my arms around his neck.  I didn’t care where I was, as long as I was with him.

I sensed this gentleman was the boss of the construction site in front of us.  He was busily watching the cranes and workers, and directing the construction of what looked like a huge two-story business building.  He seemed to know what I was thinking because he told me that they were building a mansion—my mansion.  Only the frame was erected, and I remember thinking, This is going to be awhile before my mansion is completed, and that might be a long time!  I loved this man with such intensity that I decided I was going to stay there with him, even on the dusty construction site.  I did not want to return to my job at the store.

However, the gentleman had another plan.  He reached up and pulled me in front of him.  I stood hugging him tightly around his waist, not wanting to let go.  My head was at the height of his waist.  I was very short, and he was very tall and slim.  I felt like I was at a child’s height in comparison to his stature.  The kind gentleman gently lifted my face with both hands.  He had a loving and compassionate look on his face and in his tone of voice.  He told me I needed to go back and to wait for him.  I could not stay where he was, but he promised to return for me when the construction of my mansion was completed.  I did not want to let him go!  He repeated himself with such lovingkindness, and I knew I had to return to “that place” down the street.  I knew it wouldn’t be right to wait around the construction site with him even though I was willing to do that.  With great sadness, I reluctantly released my arms from his waist and walked slowly back down the sidewalk to the store where I worked.  It had everything going on that I did not like, but I promised the gentleman that I would go back and wait for him to return for me.

Once I was back in the store, nothing mattered in my life as much as that gentleman.  He was the one I was living for.  In the store, a woman began accusing me of taking some kind of jewelry that was actually given to me, but I didn’t want to argue and simply told her she could have it.  She was the accuser of everyone in the store, but I simply ignored her, unthreatened by her tactics.  My mind was too occupied with that gentleman at the construction site who was soon to be my husband.

I awoke from my dream and knew immediately that I had a beautiful encounter with Jesus.  For the next few days, I was profoundly in love with Him, but I was also deeply saddened with this feeling of separation—He was in heaven and I was back on earth—even though I know God lives within me.  I believe this dream was meant to reveal to me that whatever was about to happen, I am to live and not die.

In Part 2, I’ll share my near-death experience of what happened on my trip to Colorado Springs and God’s amazing grace and hand of protection on my life.

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