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I loved beinAudrey-Jonesg able to do this course on MY time. I could do it at work on break, at night while kids were doing there homework, or in bed in my P.J.s. It was wonderful.

Before enrolling, I was skeptical because I knew this was not a “traditional” college and was apprehensive, but GOD kept leading me back to THIS website and finally said “go forth.”

I will never doubt God’s voice again. I, like Mark, never knew that I too could hear Him, and didn’t realize that I HAD been hearing Him all that time, but I never recognized it!!

I recommend CLU to all my brothers and sisters in Christ, young or old. Ministers, Pastors, Evangelist, everyone! This class can either brush up our already God-given talents, or let you know what God’s purpose and will is for you, just by being still and listening!

I believe that this course should be a part of EVERY Church in the world as a Bible Study class. What a way to spend 12 to 14 weeks of Bible study. This course is all there and all you need is the students. I began teaching it in my Bible Study for Teens, and they too now know that they HAD been hearing from God and didn’t even realize it!