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Bachelor of Christian Arts Degree Online

Is your pen mightier than a sword? If the words you write are an expression of the creativity of your Father and infused with the anointing of the Spirit, it can be!
Are you looking for a radically different Creative Writing program – a program with an approach that gets the rational mind out of the way and invites our Creator to infuse His thoughts into your writing?
Are you ready to get to know His voice and His vision more clearly so that everything you write comes out of the anointing?

If so, then a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Arts from Christian Leadership University is exactly what you’ve been searching for.


A Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing that’s worth far more than the paper it’s printed on

We believe that experiential knowledge is infinitely more valuable than detached book learning. All the head knowledge in the world will do you little good if you can’t make it work in the real world. That’s why every step of the way you will be applying what you learn. Each of our Creative Writing courses are refreshingly practical, and will guide you step-by-step through the processes and techniques that are used.

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to your degree

You are much closer to your Christian Arts Bachelor’s Degree than you realize. Bring in up to 50% of your degree through the combination of transcripts from other colleges and a Life Experience Portfolio. Put your past studies and experiences to good use and earn your Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Arts faster than you ever thought possible!

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Discover our Creative Writing concentration, and what makes our Christian Arts Bachelor’s Degree program totally unique!
Course Details
The number of credits and description of each of the Christian Arts courses in our  Bachelor of Christian Arts program can be found here.
Bachelor's Degree Details
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Obtain an accredited Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Arts 100% through distance learning.
Earn up to 50% of your Christian Arts Bachelor’s Degree through the combination of life experience credit and transfers from other colleges or seminaries.
Tuition at CLU is about 1/10th of the average private college, and about 1/4thof a public state college.

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REN103 Communion With God
REN204 Naturally Supernatural
REN206 Increasing the Anointing
Creative Writing II
Creative Writing III

Don’t wait another day

Dramatically improve the quality and effectiveness of your writing today by earning your Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Arts from CLU and putting the power of the voice of God at the center of the process.