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Our God: The Father of Lights

May 9, 2017

Father Of Lights

Your Light shines through the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome your Light.

The presence of your Light is invaluable in our lives. Let your Light shine into every area of our lives and through us everywhere we go.

When you start something you always finish it, you never leave us halfway or turn your back on us.

Shine your Light on our path as we go about our everyday journeys in life. With your light shining and guiding us, it will be impossible for us to miss the next turn.

Sometimes we may not see what you are doing behind the scenes in our lives, jobs, home, relationships, or in our nation. In these moments, open our inner eyes to see your presence and how you are working all things out for our good.

As children of your Light, help us by your Spirit to stand against every darkness that may want to confront your Light that is in us.

Where we need guidance, let your Light be our compass and navigation system: moving us into the direction you want us to go.

Where we need healing, let your Light shine through our hurt and pain bringing health and wholeness.

Where we need a glimpse of hope, let your Light shine through the dark clouds restoring and bringing in a new dawn of your glory: a reminder of the rainbow of your promise to us.

Where we need encouragement, would you let your Light shine through, dissolving every yoke of oppression and depression.

Renew us and fill us with a new growth of joy, peace, hope and love.

Where we feel let down by others, let your Light shine through our experiences of hurt and betrayal, renewing our heart and soul: giving us the strength to hold on to your strong arms as you pull us out of the miry clay; setting our feet on the rock (Psalm 40:2).

Father of Lights, all your ways are perfect, and in you, there is no darkness. Always be the Light in our Lives and the Defender of our destiny.

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