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Pappa, Do You Love Me?

Feb 16, 2017

The question, “Father God, do you love me” can be daunting. Some may be afraid to ask. Some may think they will hear a scripted response, and then others think they will hear only a scripture verse. I want to suggest to you something quite different.
Let me show you a picture of our Heavenly Father who longs to talk with you. He desires to walk with you in the cool of the day. Here is one example of a journal entry on a day when I needed Pappa’s reassurance of His love for me.

Pappa, do you love Me? With an everlasting love that has no bounds My love for you runs through you purifying you, filling, refreshing you, and drawing you to Me. Tune to my love flowing through you.

What do you want me to know about Your love? My love flowing through you will mend the broken-hearted and set the captives free. It will keep you free from offense while forgiveness flows. Allow forgiveness to flow to yourself, and it will be able to flow freely to others.  

Remember, no more comparing. You don’t need the tough outer shell. My love for you will cause the “junk” to slide off. It won’t be able to grasp you. My love flowing through you pushes out fear of what others think and allows you to live and move and have your being in Me, free of fear. For you will know I already accept you and put My seal of approval on you. When you know I love you, then you can move and flow freely in My love. Be cautious not to take hold of branches of offenses, or the roots of bitterness that may spring up. Don’t catch hold to what others throw at you ready to pull you out of My river of life, My love, and onto the shore.

Continue to flow in My love moving freely where I want to take you. Abundance, overflow, healing, health are all in My river of life. There, you move freely enjoying My Presence, enjoying all that My death, burial, and resurrection bought for you. Enjoy abundant life and all of My gifts to you. Along the way, you will pull others into this River of Life. Yet, others will slip and fall in, and, still, others will eagerly jump in to receive My love. So keep your eyes focused on Me; stay tuned to Me, follow Me so I can lead you where you need to go in this River of life and love.

I can honestly say that this step into hearing God’s voice began my healing of spirit, soul, and body. Seeing how God loved me and how I could tune to His love for me allowed me the freedom to forgive myself and enjoy His abundant life. Transforming my life spirit, soul, and body continues as I embrace this journey of living a vibrant healthy life.




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