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Prophetic Ministry

God has appointed prophets in the Church – men and women through whom He speaks and who declare and interpret His divine will to instruct, comfort, encourage and stimulate those with ears to hear.


are one of the gifts that Christ gave to His church to help prepare and equip believers to serve and to build the Body of Christ. The gift of prophecy appears in all three lists of spiritual gifts in the New Testament. Prophecy is God’s idea.

Prophecy involves

hearing what God is saying and seeing what He is doing, then declaring and interpreting that in order to instruct, comfort, encourage and stimulate God’s people. Obviously, then, the prophetic ministry must begin with an intimate relationship with the Lord in which the prophet clearly and consistently hears God’s voice

Since God’s

current, spoken rhema words will never contradict His eternal, written Logos Word, it is imperative that the prophet have deep, living knowledge of the whole counsel of God as revealed throughout the Scriptures.

He must speak

out of the Holy Spirit Who lives within his spirit and flow with the anointing, so an understanding of these skills will be explored.

The prophet

is just one member of this group of gifts that was given to the Church, so the relationship between the various gifts and roles will be examined.

There is more than one way

for the prophetic call to be released, and the Lord wants to use all of the uniqueness that is “you” to express and reveal Himself, His character and His love to His people.

Open your mind and heart to the limitless revelation of our God through you.

Online Prophetic Ministry Degrees

The courses listed below may be taken as a Prophetic Ministry Certificate or applied as a major concentration toward any of the following online Prophetic Ministry Degrees:

Additional work is required when an undergraduate-level course is taken on the graduate level. Course substitutions and combining major concentrations are possible when working toward your Prophetic Ministry Degree online. Discuss these options with the Dean. The key is to follow God’s passion within your heart. Students in the Master’s and Doctoral programs earn approximately 30 credits for each degree from specific courses, and the remaining 10 credits by doing practical ministry work and earning “practica” credits.


Prophetic Ministry Courses Online and by Correspondence

All of the courses listed below are available by distance learning, and you can submit your coursework online. Your course materials are normally sent by mail, though our top 18 most popular courses are available as downloadable PDF ebooks, MP3 and video downloads if that is your preference. You will be able to contact your instructor online and conveniently email any assignments to him.

Tuition is $100 per credit. Course materials are in addition and generally under $100 per course. The courses may be purchased individually or as a total package. If purchased as a pre-paid package of 10 or more, the cost of tuition is reduced by 20%. Prices are subject to change without notice. Payment may be made by credit card.

Prophetic Ministry Certificate Online

To receive a Prophetic Ministry Certificate a student must complete a minimum of 10 of the courses below. One of them must be Communion With God.

Available Courses


REN103 Communion With God (Course Syllabus) 3 credits
REN503 Communion With God (Graduate) (Course Syllabus) 4 credits
This course teaches you how to clearly hear God’s voice, see divine vision and journal (write out what God is speaking to you). The Holy Spirit is the Wonderful Counselor, and when you can hear His voice on a regular basis, He provides wonderful counsel to your heart. Eighty percent of the counseling needs of a church will disappear once they are taught the course Communion With God.

“I’m taking Communion With God. I am so blessed so far. My life is already completely transformed. I went from hearing God speak to me once in a while to hearing Him not just in my journaling times but even throughout the rest of the day. What a difference this has made.” — Andrew Steck

“We have been using Communion With God for some months now in all our home groups and one after another people whose prayer lives were dry difficult affairs have blossomed as they have heard the Heavenly Father commune with them, His children.” — Rev. Bill A. VanZutphen, Baptist Church, Wollongong, Australia

“Oh my, I am speechless…I have completed only the first several lessons in Communion With God and my life has been totally, totally transformed. He is such a wonderful, wonderful God. A few months ago I told Him I was desperate for more of Him…I had no idea His answer to my prayer would be so exceedingly abundantly above anything I could ever have imagined. My days and nights are now filled with His presence. Thank you for your service to Him, Mr. Virkler. I will be in touch as I progress through the course….” — Amy
COU202 Counseled by God (Course Syllabus) 3 credits
God’s Spirit is a “Wonderful Counselor”. We will let God speak to our hearts and counsel us about the basic emotional pressures of life. These include anger, doubt, depression, condemnation and inferiority. We will learn to let God replace these with His opposites, as His voice releases His grace within our hearts. You will discover that God’s prophetic word heals the wounded heart.

“This practical course not only changed my life and gave me freedom in many parts of my life, but the tools I have been given through this course are having a lasting impact on the lives of many young people all around me who in turn will pass it on to others, leading many more young people into emotional wholeness.” —Student taking Counseled by God

REN204 Naturally Supernatural (Course Syllabus) 3 credits

Through the working of Almighty God, He has joined His Spirit to our spirits. We will study and experience the glory of Christ (through the Holy Spirit) living within us, as well as ways of approaching Him and releasing His indwelling presence. We abide in Christ to the extent that we know that Christ abides in us. We will also learn how to allow the gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit within us to flow out through us. Prerequisite: REN103 Communion With God.

“This course radically changed my life in every way possible. When once the Christian life was somewhat of a duty and chore, it is now a lifestyle of rest. What was once my trying to be good for the Lord is now having Him be good out through me. What was striving to serve Him in every aspect of my life is now simply loving Him and yielding to His Spirit to live out of me. By understanding, experiencing, and living out the seven revelation truths of abiding, my life in every way and dimension has been radically changed.” —Student taking Naturally Supernatural
Every Christian should read Naturally Supernatural at least once a week! You write so clearly it would be pleasant to sit under your teaching! It really would be a life changing experience! — Isaac E. Rerri


BUS102 Fulfill Your Financial Destiny(Course Syllabus) 3 credits
BUS502 Fulfill Your Financial Destiny (Graduate Level) (Course Syllabus) 4 credits
This course will give you Scriptural support for the belief that God delights in the prosperity of His children (Ps. 35:27). It is His desire that we lend and not borrow. We are to be the head and not the tail, above and not underneath (Deut. 28:12,13). God Himself teaches us to profit (Is. 48:17) and has given us the power to make wealth (Deut. 8:18). Several hundred verses on silver and gold will be examined, along with a philosophy concerning money, showing that we are to create and release wealth into the kingdom of God.

PRO201 Releasing Spiritual Gifts (Course Syllabus) 3 credits
Astounding supernatural gifts from God, freely given to you! In this course, you will discover what these nine gifts are, see how they were used in Scripture, and learn to identify them within yourself. The goal will be to release God’s gifts and grace through you to others, and in so doing, demonstrate God’s love on earth. As people are touched by the power and wisdom of God, they are drawn to Him and want to know Him more!

LEA103 Gifted to Succeed (Course Syllabus) 3 credits
“To each of us grace has been given according to the measure of Christ’s gift…And He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers for the equipping of the saints.” Do you know which of these heart motivations God has given to you? Is God asking you to express this heart motivation within or outside the structured church, or both? Which ministry or vocation is He asking you to express yourself through? What kinds of people do you need next to you to make you most effective? These questions and many others will be answered.
“These last 12 weeks have been like looking into a mirror and seeing things in me that I have never seen before. Then taking those things, learning more about them and pruning them to work most effectively for and in myself, my life and my ministry.” —Student taking Gifted to Succeed
REN206 Increasing the Anointing (Course Syllabus) 3 credits
The key to the successful Christian life is walking and living in the anointing of the Holy Spirit. This course has three emphases: First it is designed to help you become aware of your spirit. All 1400 verses of Scripture that deal with the heart and spirit of man are closely considered with the one supreme objective of learning to sense your spirit and the Spirit of Christ within your spirit. From there you go on to examine the anointing of the Holy Spirit and how the anointing can be increased in your life. Finally, you will try to get to know the Holy Spirit as a Person.
“Throughout the duration of this course, I have been provoked to go after God like never before: to receive a greater measure of His anointing to bring liberty to captives, and God’s presence to all I encounter. I am challenged to fast and pray more on a regular basis, learn more about the anointing and start living out, through simple daily obedience, what God has called me to. I am also learning not to rely on my strength to get the job done, but to solely rely on the power of the Holy Spirit, and this too will increase the anointing on my life, which in tern will affect everything I do.” —Student taking Increasing the Anointing

COU301 Prayers That Heal the Heart (Course Syllabus) 4 credits

This course teaches a series of seven specific prayers that will break bondages within your heart caused by spiritual forces. These prayers include breaking generational sins and curses; severing ungodly soul ties; removing negative beliefs and inner vows; healing traumatic scenes; and casting out demonic energy that has connected itself to these inner wounds of the heart and soul. The entire healing process is sealed by doing an intensive meditation on biblical passages that bear on the issues being healed so God can grant you illumined insights from His Word.

“Who needs prayers that heal the heart? Just about everyone! God has really done a work in me through the studying and revelation of this ministry. He has given me a burden and a heart to see all people set free from all kinds of oppression. After all, He did command us to do so and minister to people’s needs. Prayers That Heal the Heart is going to be a major part of what I do vocationally for the rest of my life. I have a burden and a desire to see people walk in the liberty purchased for them on Calvary, and for them to experience the ZOE life God has come to give us. Thank You, Lord, for Your anointing to do what You did and see people come into all that You have for them.”  — Student taking Prayers That Heal the Heart
I heartily recommend Prayers That Heal the Heart. It is the most biblical book I have read on counseling and spiritual warfare, in terms of emotional healing. While there are other good books out there that God has used, red flags have always gone up in my mind by their use of methods borrowed by modern psychology. This book isn’t like that, and it is thoroughly practical with its exercises and worksheets. It can definitely be used by the Lord to change your life and break the enemy’s power in your life. — Brian Shilhavy
Dr. Mark, thank you for your obedience and dedication to God’s will to bring this powerful and life-changing message of freedom, healing and a genuine relationship with God to us. Through the books in the course Prayers That Heal the Heart, God, our loving and caring Father, found a way in starting His healing ministry to me. I wanted a Ph.D. and now I get what I really needed: A life united with Christ! — Hermanus, South Africa

REN310 Wisdom Through Dream Interpretation (Course Syllabus) 3 credits REN510 Wisdom Through Dream Interpretation (Graduate) (Course Syllabus) 4 credits

Psalms declares that God counsels us at night through our dreams (Ps. 16:7). The dreams in the Bible illustrate this principle, and all of us can learn to hear from God during the two hours of dream life we have each night. In this course, we will examine all 50 dreams of the Bible seeing how God interprets the symbolism and speaks to His children through their dreams. God promised that if there were a prophet in the land, God would speak to him through dream and vision (Num. 6:12; Acts 2:17). Prerequisite: REN103 Communion With God.

“This course has truly made a significant impact on my life and laid the foundation for ongoing change and revelation. It is as if a whole new door has been opened in my life leading to a whole new world of never-before-found treasures and truths. I feel as though I am walking towards a new journey that will impact my life in a great way. I feel that more tools have been added to my spiritual toolbox to help myself and help others. When I fully grasp this practice of interpreting dreams, I will be walking in a greater dimension of wholeness, authority, counsel, wisdom and so much more. If it’s true that we spend one third of our lives sleeping and part of that dreaming, then it feels as though I have resurrected one third of my life and I can live more fully. The revelation of the importance of dreams and what God wants to do with us through dreams has been resounding in my spirit ever since I started this course.” —Student taking Wisdom Through Dream Interpretation

PRO205 Prophetic Ministry I (Course Syllabus) 3 credits

In this foundational course, you will gain a solid understanding of the purpose of the prophetic ministry and how it differs from that of the Old Covenant prophets. You will learn who is authorized to judge New Covenant prophecy and how they are to do so, as well as what makes someone a false prophet. You will gain Scriptural knowledge so that you can lovingly respond to some of the myths held even in the Church concerning spiritual gifts. Finally, you will explore the proper procedure for delivering a prophetic word in a public service and some principles that should guide your delivery of a prophecy.

PRO307 Prophetic Ministry II 3 credits

In this course you will explore foundational truths and advanced training in the prophetic, including how to: discern your calling, define your appointed sphere of influence, navigate potential relational difficulties as you step into your gifting, and see what true prophetic ministry looks like. You will practice and experiment, taking pains with the spiritual gifts within you, being absorbed in them so that your progress will be evident to all (I Timothy 4:14,15). Prerequisites: REN103/503, PRO205/525, PRO207/527 prophecy.

 PRO410/EVA410 Supernatural Evangelism 3 credits


PRO207 Prophetic Foundations (Course Syllabus)
3 credits
The specific goal of this foundational course is to bring you into a love-based approach to prophetic ministry and revelation pursuit, that you may pursue love and earnestly desire to prophesy. You will complete activation exercises in every lesson so you can practice and grow in your ability to prophecy.

PRO310 Words of Knowledge (Course Syllabus)
3 credits
This course is designed to activate and strengthen you in the manifestation of words of knowledge out of a heart of love. Hearing God for yourself and others is central to being used in this exciting way and therefore is central to this course. You will be encouraged to take risks by stepping out in faith while remaining accountable for your motivation and your accuracy. If you love God and share His heart for people, developing your walk in words of knowledge can be invaluable in evangelism, healing, miracles and just making a love connection that convinces others that God really does know them and is thinking about them. (Prerequisites: REN103/503 Communion with God, PRO205/525 Prophetic Ministry, PRO207/527 Prophetic Foundations)

Remember, if you have the Holy Spirit within you and upon you, you are able to prophesy (I Cor. 14:31)!

Specialized training opportunities which transfer easily into CLU:

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