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See and Feel What you are thinking, And Receive It….Part 1

Jul 24, 2017

For the last several weeks I have been drawn to the book of Mark. It is such an insightful read and devotion time when we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit for He knows exactly what we need to read and meditate upon for each day. He knows what needs to be planted in our hearts and what we will need to reap in the future. I am beginning to understand more about just why it is the glory of the kings to conceal a matter. But that will be for a different day. I am so excited to share with you what Holy Spirit taught a few days ago. Living it out is the next step any time we receive revelation from Him.

Mark 4 jumped out at me today like never before, Pappa.
                           Because your heart was prepped and ready to receive it.

What do you want to speak to me concerning the sower, the seed, the ground, and soil?

            The words you speak and the thoughts you think is producing a Kingdom in your life. Whether one believes it or not is irrelevant. It is a law of life I set in motion at the foundation of the earth: seed, time, and harvest. Your life is a harvest of the seeds you have sown with your thoughts and with your words. You want a different life, a different kingdom manifested? Then sow different seeds, words and thoughts. Prep the soil of your heart by being choosy what you listen to during the day. You want soil full of faith and life then listen to faith-filled words.
           It is no mistake that I chose a mustard seed as the example. The smallest of seeds planted and watered can grow to produce much fruit. Your words like a mustard seed (the greatest of all herbs can bring health and healing. Kathy, continue to speak life, continue to plant. It isn’t your job to make it grow. Your part is to speak, plant, water, and take captive your thoughts/weeds. My part is to watch over it and cause the increase. You want the Kingdom of Heaven in operation in your life? Plant Heaven’s seeds.

Thank you, Pappa. I purpose in my heart to plant heaven’s seeds in thoughts and words by speaking what You speak.

Kathy, this law works not just for the Christian or the righteous, but any and all who put it to use sees the results. That is one reason you see the unrighteous prosper the way they do.

I love you, Pappa

I love you to, My Daughter



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