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Spiritual formaspiritual-formation-character-building-300x225tion is the core of what we teach at Christian Leadership University.  Every Christian can and should know how to hear the voice of God and how to act on what you hear.  We feel that this is the most effective way to teach, help Christians to grow in their faith, and train effective Christian leaders.  One of the reasons spiritual formation is so effective is because is builds and strengthens Christian Character. 

Christian Character education begins by hearing the word of God and acting upon it.  We have examples of great leaders in the Bible who did this.  Jesus said, “I do only what I hear my Father speaking and what I see my Father doing.”  Moses and Paul are other great leaders who heard from God and acted on it.  So how does knowing this improve our Christian character?

Allowing Christ to be Formed in You
First, it’s allowing Christ to be formed within you. We know that Paul prayed that Christ would be formed in us and that we would be found in Christ.  When this happens, we are in Christ both inside and out, and can radiate that to a hurting world.  It affects us internally in our relationship with Christ, and also affects us outwardly in our relationships with others.

Responding as Christ Would
When we have a relationship with God, and we can hear his voice and act upon it, then we can respond to others in a way Christ would.  Our ability to respond is not based on humanism, or the will to do it ourselves, but stems from our love of Christ, our relationship with Christ, and our ability to see what He does and do the same.  A perfect example of this is when we are hurt by someone.  We want to be mad at them.  We know we are called to love that person, but it is hard when we’re mad!  If we can look to Jesus and see what he is doing, we see that He is loving them.  So we can say yes to Jesus and what he is doing because of the Spiritual formation in our lives.  Our character has now become one that is radiating Christ through our behavior.

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