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James Goll talks about the importance of stewarding revelation. I had never heard that term and didn’t understand it. I just knew what God had spoken to my heart and what I had written down in my journals was precious to me and I didn’t want to lose it. For many years I had been pouring out my heart to God in my journaling. There were those times when I heard him speaking to me and I’d write it down as quickly as I could, often with tears dripping on the paper, as His loving and encouraging words touched and healed my heart. Recently, I’ve published a book containing all these words I’d received over the years. (There were actually more but I left out the ones that were specific to situations in my family.)

One thing that really struck me as I put all these words together was this: there was a theme – God’s tender and gentle love – running through them and overarching them. I could not have seen this had I not put them together.

Could it be that God entrusts us with even more treasures as we treasure the ones He already given us? I believe that there is a reward for stewarding revelation. For me, just to hold the book in my hands and to be able to flip through it and read again those precious words is reward enough. If God uses it to strengthen and encourage others, too, it’s even better.

Blessings, Conny Hubbard