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The I Am Who I Am

Apr 26, 2017

Our I AM

God introduced Himself to Moses, as “I AM WHO I AM.” We call Him “I AM WHO I AM.”

Who can contend with You, our God?  You are the “I AM WHO I AM” of yesterday, today, tomorrow and forevermore.

You are the God of the Universe.

The Maker of Heaven and Earth.

The All-Sufficient One, “I AM WHO I AM.”

We proclaim Your name “I AM Who I AM.”

Be the “I AM WHO I AM” over every area of our lives.

Be the “I AM WHO I AM” over our homes. Be the “I AM WHO I AM” over the lives of our children. Be the “I AM WHO I AM” over our present, and over our future.

Your door is always open for us.

You are never too busy to have a conversation with us.

Your calendar is always free for us.

How You can hold the whole world in Your hands, and still have time for each one of Your children is beyond my comprehension.

You are the All-powerful, Magnificent “I AM WHO I AM.”

If there are areas of our lives that we have not yet surrendered to You completely; reveal those areas to us so we can give them all to You, our “I Am WHO I AM.”

Receive all the honor and glory, “I AM WHO I AM.”

Forever You will be our “I AM WHO I AM.”

If you would like to be able to Ask Jesus questions like we do in many of our blogs and have Him answer back to you personally, we can show you how.  Please see our foundational teaching on 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice.  If you already know how to have these conversations, join the discussion and share what Jesus is saying to you!