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The Names of God Series-Jehovah Jireh

Aug 3, 2018

In Genesis 22:14, Abraham is ready to sacrifice His son as God has instructed Him to do. Exactly when needed, a ram appears, and Abraham declares in that moment at that place of faith “The Lord will Provide.” What place have you reached in your life where you need to declare and see God as your Jehovah Jireh, your Provider? What vision are you keeping before your eyes? I asked Father God, “What do you want me to know about You as Provider?

     I am your Provider of more than just finances. I am the Provider of life and life more abundantly: physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. If you feel I gave you something that is hurting you, how can you then trust me for the provision? Know who your thief is and know who your Provider is. Protection and keeping you safe as in Psalms 91 is not the same as stealing and being a thief. Know the difference. Every good and perfect gift comes from above. In order to receive what I have for you, you must first trust me as a Good Provider not as an evil Father. I get blamed for so many wrongs in this world that are not my doing simply because My people do not know My character. They do not know me. They have for too long allowed others to go to the mountain for them instead of coming to me directly. Relationship with me will reveal my true character.   At this point, there is a sadness in Father God’s eyes, a longing to be in relationship with His children so He can show them personally His true character.

Why is it Pappa God was talking to me about Provider and thief? I had taken my eyes off Jesus. My focus moved to the circumstances around me. My vision became muddied with self-pity. God’s gentle correction set straight my focus and opened my eyes to see the whole picture. Abundant Life in every area as I trust and see Him as my Provider. If I see Him as the cause of my problems, then how am I going to trust Him for the answers and provision?

Are you having a difficult time seeing God as your Provider? I encourage you to take a moment and ask: “Father, what do you want me to know about you as Provider.” Journal to see what God wants to speak to your heart today.

If you would like to be able to Ask Jesus questions like we do in many of our blogs and have Him answer back to you personally, we can show you how.  Please see our foundational teaching on 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice.  If you already know how to have these conversations, join the discussion and share what Jesus is saying to you!