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The Names of God Series- Jehovah Nissi

Aug 9, 2018

Jehovah Nissi—The Lord My Banner Exodus 17:15

As I ponder and meditate on Jehovah being my banner, I see a picture of me walking down a crowded road, and Jehovah God puts His banner over my head declaring, “She is Mine.” That banner changes in accordance to the battle I am facing each moment. He is already giving me the victory.

So, His banner over me is declaring my victory in each situation I walk. Who am I going to believe? What word, report am I going to speak over myself? For the report I speak is what others will see in me manifesting, transforming, and bringing victory.

Declare your destiny. Speak forth My word over you, and watch it manifest! Declare a thing, and it will be established. My Banner over you~invisible ink to those around you until you begin to speak and declare it to be so. You speak it forth! Come into agreement with me and not your situation, and watch My words be established in your life. My Banner over you is what you need Me to be in the situation you are facing today. Take a moment to see what I have written on your Banner!

How could seeing and hearing God’s banner over you change your situation today? Let me encourage you to make it a practice. It will change your life.

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