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Why am I hurt, Pappa?

Jun 9, 2017

Why am I hurt, Pappa?
You feel you have been mistreated. You are expecting once again for X,Y, and Z to treat you “right” in your own eyes. Instead of expecting them to love you and treat you “right” look to me to fulfill that expectation. Look to Me to love you and fulfill you. Instead of expecting from them, expect from Me. Allow Me to fill the deep longing of your heart. Let me surprise you. And trust that I am good. Trust that I hear you. Trust Me to hear your prayers and that they will bring forth fruit. I am Good. So, if you have no expectations in them they can’t disappoint you. Wrap yourself in Me.

Envelope myself in you, Pappa. (Vision) He covers me in Christ and I need to revisit every scripture about being in Christ. I now see it as He meant it. I truly am seated in Christ in Heavenly Places. In fact, I don’t see me I see Christ. I now see it as He meant it. I truly am seated in Christ in Heavenly Places. In fact, I don’t see me I see Christ. That is what Jesus meant when He taught on earth “if you have seen me you have seen the Father.” So if I am enveloped in Him then it is easy for me to take on His characteristics. I live and move and have my being in Him. (I’ve known that with my head for years and years and now like a light bulb, I see it.)

Set X,Y, and Z free, Kathy, from your expectation. Let them be free and give them to me, so I can freely live in and through them. Allow Me to do the work. Let them be free from those strings of yours to move and enjoy life without fear of disappointment and anger. Free them to be Mine. Free to dance to the music I put in their heart. (I revisit the vision Pappa gave me of the ballroom full of people dancing to the beautiful music. How is it that each person hears different music, but it all blends harmoniously? And though each person’s steps are different they seem to be all in the same time and rhythm. How does that make sense? Pappa is dancing with me showing me my steps, and once I am tuned into Him and His music for me, He gives me to X to dance with. Pappa leads the orchestra and the dance from the stage. While I hear the music and dance Pappa’s steps for me, I allow X to dance his steps and yet together we are dancing together harmoniously. Another vision intermingles and that is of X being instruments in the orchestra. We both play the music God gave us with the instrument He gave us and though our sheet music is different it blends into a beautiful harmonious song.)  Then I hear these words: I will direct your steps and the way to choreograph your home in peace, love,and joy. Trust I can work out the steps for your good. Why not take on my expectations? Jeremiah 29:11; Prov 23:18; Phil 1:20) Expect Me to give you rest not X and not YZ. Rest and refreshing comes from Me. Matt 11:28. Expect me to supply your needs Phil 4:19. Expectations in Me are the desires I place in your heart when you are tuned into Me. While tuned into Me you will watch the answers to your prayers and desires and spontaneously come into full bloom as you believe in Me. Know that I am Good. Your job is not to orchestrate life. Your job is to enjoy the dance I have given you, your journey with Me.

My question to Pappa was this? What do I do with what I have been taught as a teacher, student, and in life about setting expectations for my own children?

Kathy, your expectations become demands that are heavy weights you put on others that no human can possibly fulfill. I gave you your children to teach and train and disciple in love. Love your children. Much growth comes from them knowing you love them. When they see you do they see Christ? My love and My grace and My goodness pouring forth to train them in the way I am directing them? Your hope and expectation rests in Me to work on their heart and stir their heart. Through your teaching and training and disciplining their character is shaped and molded as I work on their heart. Trust me to do the work.

Yes, Pappa, I put all of my hope and expectation in You to do the work in their hearts. I set them free, release them from my control, expectations, and demands so they can live free to Hear Your Voice.

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