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About Kathy Privitera

Kathy Privitera

Kathy Privitera

Core Health and Wellness

Kathy has a BS in Elementary Ed and taught school for 12 years. She has homeschooled for the last 13 years. She is continuing her studies in Vibrant Health and working toward a doctorate of Christian Entrepreneurship with an emphasis on Health and Wellness.

A CLU grad student since 2015, she received her Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling. Kathy has been married for 14 years, resides in Southern Florida, and desires to help coach others on their journey to health and wellness–spirit, soul, and body.

Dr. Mark Virkler, the Founder of Christian Leadership University, has posted stories from Kathy on his blog previously: I Saw Jesus Building Sandcastles and After 40 Years of Migraines, I Had None!

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