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Practical Procedures

Entrance Requirements

  1. Spiritual Openness: Since Christian Leadership University maintains a strong Christian position and integrates Christian spirituality into each of its courses, students need to be open to this educational emphasis, or they will find themselves at odds with their entire learning experience.
  2. Education: A high school diploma or its equivalent. Students without such a diploma may enroll on a probationary basis. Note: Some states will award a GED upon the successful completion of a specified number of college credits. Contact your State Education Department for information.
  3. Age: Minimum age 18. Qualified younger students may enter on a probationary basis, and once they have proven themselves able to handle the work they will be moved to permanent student status. We have had students enroll at age 15 and earn straight A’s in our courses.
  4. A computer and an internet connection are strongly encouraged for all students, unless extenuating circumstances require that a special waiver be approved. A computer and an internet connection allow students to access faculty and each other through email and permit discussion forums. They will also receive regular email messages from the University President and administrative offices. This is the key way CLU will keep in touch with its worldwide student body.


Admission Procedures

Complete the online New Student Application and Student Release Form, and submit them, along with your $100 matriculation fee, to CLU. Complete the following online Bible Quizzes. Any areas that you do not demonstrate a strong working knowledge of the Scriptures (by achieving a score of 70% or higher) will automatically add the corresponding CLU Bible course to your required curriculum. Undergraduate students will earn three credits for each of the Through the Bible courses they successfully complete. Graduate students will have the option of completing only the work required in the undergraduate syllabus and earning two credits per course, or completing an extra project and earning three credits per course. You will be contacted by the Dean of Students to discuss your educational goals and help you decide which classes to take first to achieve them.


Transfer of Credit to and from Other Institutions

The acceptance of transfer credits is at the determination and discretion of the receiving institution; therefore CLU does not guarantee or imply that CLU credits will be accepted at any other institution. The Academic Dean and Faculty shall evaluate all previous and applicable academic studies to determine what, if any, courses may be accepted for transfer into CLU. The final decision about how much credit may be allowed for transfer is made by the Academic Dean, according to the policies of the University. Click here for more details…


Establishing Life Experience Credit

We value the things life has already taught you! Click here to learn how to document your educational experiences and receive college credit for them.


 Beginning Your Coursework

There is no specific order in which you must take the majority of our courses, though every incoming student begins with REN103, Communion with God. The guiding rule is to take those courses which most interest you, when they interest you and stick with the topics until you have mastered them. Learning is best when interest is high. Therefore, follow your interest. It will usually lead you to every piece that is important for you to absorb to become an effective leader. You may make arrangements by letter, fax, phone or email to have your first courses sent to you.


About CDs and DVDs

CLU tries to make available CDs and/or DVDs for as many of their courses as possible so that the extension student will receive the heart and spirit of the course from the instructor. The student is to purchase either CDs or DVDs (or both). They may be returned in re-salable condition for a 75% refund at the completion of the course. This refund can be applied to the next semester’s costs.


Length of Courses

The courses are twelve weeks in length, so three or four quarters will be offered each year. Grades are given at the end of each course. The average part-time student will take one or two courses per semester. If you have not completed your three-month course within six months, and you have not submitted an approved excuse by the end of the third month (i.e., illness, etc), there will be a $100 reinstatement fee, per course, to continue or receive the grade for that course.


Time Commitment of Full-time Students

Taking five courses per semester will require 25 – 30 hours per week, so you should plan to schedule five or six hours per day for studies. Have a specific room and time set aside and block out your appointment schedule for these hours. This time is booked and you are not available for anything else. This is your priority during your college years. List the things you are dropping from your life to make time for your studies. Ask your accountability partner to see that you are maintaining these hours without fail.


Time Commitment of Part-time Students

Taking one course per semester will require approximately five hours per week, so you should plan to schedule one hour per day for studies. As an alternative, you may prefer to work a couple of evenings per week or half a day on Saturday. Have a specific room and time set aside and block out your appointment schedule for these hours. This time is booked and you are not available for anything else. This is your priority during your college years. List the things you are dropping from your life to make time for your studies. Ask your accountability partner to see that you are maintaining these hours without fail.


25% Off Tuition

Groups of two or more taking the same CLU course at the same time will receive a 25% discount off from each of their tuition costs. This is to encourage people to team up and grow together. Click here to learn more.


To Receive Final Course Grade

All course costs must be paid before a final course grade will be given or credits awarded and before graduation.


Refund Policy

The $100 application and $10 registration fees are not refundable.

Materials may be refunded if they are returned in salable condition. Note: Since courses are designed to be completed in three months, materials must be returned within three months of ordering in order to qualify for a refund.

Refunds on tuition will be made as follows:

Time Frame Refund
A course enrollment may be canceled by an applicant student within five (5) calendar days of the day on which the enrollment agreement is signed. 100%
Cancellation before the first assignment is submitted 85%
25% of course completed 75%
50% of course completed 25%
Over 50% of course completed 0%

Refund Policy on Bundle Pricing: Refunds will be provided for a full 12 months from the date the bundle was purchased on any courses not yet shipped. Any courses already shipped will be recalculated at full value rather than the discounted bundle price. Life experience credits which have been credited to your transcript will not be refunded. The refund will be sent within 30 days of the request.


Financial Assistance

  1. You may contact CLU’s financial aid department for whatever assistance they may be able to offer.
  2. Also, check with your employer. Many employers are willing to contribute toward the tuition of courses which will enhance employees’ creativity, work ethics, productivity, and home life.
  3. When you enroll, you may choose to put $200 down per course, and have the remainder of the cost split 50/50 and paid at 30 and 60 days. This option is only available when a credit card is used.
  4. If you are willing to contribute a grant toward a foundation which could be used for student scholarships in the future, please contact CLU. This is a way of helping disciple the leaders of tomorrow!



A student may be suspended and/or his financial aid scholarship revoked if he does not follow course instructions, does not make course payments on schedule, or displays an un-Christlike character when dealing with CLU faculty or staff. On the first documented instance of plagiarism, the professor has the option of either giving the student a zero on that assignment or failing them for the course. On the second instance of documented plagiarism, the person is expelled from the university.


Auditing Policy

A student may audit many of our courses under the following arrangements.

  1. The instructor is not required to grade any homework.
  2. The student will not receive a course grade.
  3. The audit fee is $25 plus the cost of course materials.