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Our Faculty

In keeping with our philosophy that professors must model leadership if they are to train students to become leaders, the following short biographies list not only academic achievements but also leadership roles our instructors have fulfilled. Any specialized courses taught by specific faculty members are also indicated.

The CLU faculty who will be working directly with you on your courses are carefully chosen for their commitment to revelation-based learning. They will monitor and encourage and mentor you to continually be laying all your learning out before the Presence of the Lord and hearing what He wants to say to you personally through it. They will give you a sense of accountability, encouraging you to stay on track with your lessons, and will answer any questions you have about your courses. These are the individuals who will partner with the Holy Spirit to prepare you for all that He has in your future.

Keith Brown

Keith Brown

Professor of Core Undergraduate Courses

Keith has worked in a variety of local church and para-church ministries since 2000, serving on the pastoral teams of mega-ministries as well as church plants. He was Director of Student Ministries/Summer Internships at Christ for the Nations Institute, and has received his Level 1 – Certification from the Institute of Biblical Counseling.

Keith earned a Bachelor of Ministry, Master of Divinity and Doctorate degree from Christian Leadership University, and currently serves as Senior Pastor of a multi-site, mega-church in Southwest Michigan.

Steve Bydeley

Steve Bydeley

Professor of dream interpretation courses

Dr. Steve Bydeley, MCC, DCM, is an author, speaker/teacher,  pastoral counselor, and co-founder of Lapstone Ministries. With his wife, Dianne, he has written and published the books Dream Dreams, Dreams Workbook, and Dreams that Heal and Counsel. He has written and published Fathered by God.

Steve has been a guest on the television programs Its a New Day, The Miracle Channel, Crossroad’s NiteLite, and on FaithFM radio.

Steve is graduate of the Longridge Writers Group courses Breaking into Print and Novel Writing and was a professional member of The Writers Guild until 2010.

Dr. Flavien Williams

Dr. Flavien Williams

He earned his BSc. from Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, Texas with a major in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. Flavien was a Christian Leadership University student earning his Masters in Biblical Studies March, 2013, and his Doctorate in Christian Leadership May, 2014. Dr. Flavien Williams has been the Prayer Leader, and has taught one of the Wednesday night adult Bible study classes at his church for the past 14 years. He flows strongly in the prophetic gift, and other gifts of the Spirit. He has been a professor since March, 2017.

Click here for Flavian’s YouTube channel

Mona Edwards

Mona Edwards

Professor for personal evangelism and the structure and function of the church

Mona was a small business owner for 27 years in Interior Design and space planning before pursuing a Seminary education. She holds a Master of Arts in Leadership from Western Evangelical Seminary as well as a Master of Divinity and certificate in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship from George Fox Evangelical Seminary.  Mona married her husband Barry in 1973 and together they have 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren.

Her passion is the development of teams and building unity within those teams as she equips and trains leaders. Mona’s heart is to participate with the Holy Spirit in spiritual direction and partnering with those who desire a deeper relationship and understanding of their journey with God.

Patty Sadallah

Patty Sadallah

Professor of many required graduate courses and Curriculum Designer

Patty Sadallah has a Doctorate of Ministry in Christian Leadership from Christian Leadership University. She is passionate about showing people how to encounter God personally so they may live their lives through faith in Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. Her mission is to bring the message of the Realness of God and the practicality of the Christian Faith to the masses by using media, the language of this generation.

Dr. Sadallah is on the faculty of Christian Leadership University serving doctoral students.  Additionally, she aids Dean Patti Virkler as a Curriculum Designer for the University. She has authored Clips that Move Mountains, a Discipleship book which includes 23 film clips, and Journey to the Abundant Christian Life, its Bible study companion. Her most recent book, How to Live a Worry-Free Life is book 1 of the Just Ask Jesus series. She has more than 30 years’ experience serving faith-based non-profit organizations and small groups as an Organization Development Consultant, Coach, Facilitator, Trainer and Bible Study Leader.

Patty and George have been married since 1986 and have three lovely Daughters; Jamael, Leah, and Noelle. They have one granddaughter, Eden by Jamael and her husband Nick.

Check out more about Patty and her ministries by visiting her website: www.PattySadallah.com.  She is available for speaking, teaching and facilitation related to discipleship for individuals, small groups, organizations and multi-organizational planning needs.

Mark Virkler

Mark Virkler

Department Head, Majors in Christian Counseling and Ministry

Mark graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College with a Bachelor’s in Religion and Philosophy and a minor in Psychology and received his Master of Theology from Miami Christian University and Ph.D. from Carolina Christian University. Mark has co-authored with his wife over 55 lamad-style books in the areas of hearing God’s voice and Spirit-anointed living. Mark is a co-founder and director of Communion With God Ministries (www.cwgministries.org) and Christian Leadership University. Mark has traveled extensively for 25 years conducting workshops on how to hear God’s voice.

Joanne Krupp

Joanne Krupp

Professor: God's Release of Women

Joanne has known the Lord virtually all her life, but dates her personal conversion to when she was 12 years old.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Asbury College, and is married with 2 children, 6 grandchildren and 3 1/2 great-grandchildren.

Throughout her adult life she has been involved in teaching ladies’ Bible Study groups, speaking, and, with her husband, was with Youth With A Mission which involved some international travel.  At the present, besides mentoring CLU students, she is volunteering for Chaplain’s Services at our local hospital.

Simi Adigun

Simi Adigun

Professor and curriculum developer

Dr. Simi Adigun is the Professor of Graduate and Undergraduate Christian Life Coaching Courses and the curriculum developer for Christian Life Coaching courses at Christian Leadership University. She is a Christian Counselor, a Certified Biblical Counselor, a Certified Master Life Coach, Retreat/Event Speaker and an Intercessor. She is the Founder and President of Divine Purpose Counseling And Coaching LLC. and the author of “21 Destiny Prayers”– a prayer book recommended for Counselors and Life coaches.

She earned her Doctoral degree in Christian Counseling from Christian Leadership University. Her Certification as a Biblical counselor was earned through Christian Research & Development – Deep Biblical Institute. Her Christian Life Coach training was completed with the American Association of Christian Counselors – Light University and her Certification as a Master Life Coach was completed with Transformation Academy.  

Her passion is to see lives transformed through God’s love and power. As a Counselor, she helps individuals on their healing journey of hurt and trauma into a place of lasting joy and inner peace as they allow God to make them victors instead of victims. As a Coach, she helps individuals in developing a deeper relationship with God by recognizing His voice and experiencing His unconditional love. She walks alongside others on their journey of discovering their life’s purpose and divine destiny in order to live a fulfilled life. She lives with her husband and children in Pennsylvania. Learn more about Simi on her website at www.Divinepurposecoach.com

Dave Frincke

Dave Frincke

Dean of Worship Ministry

I began serving in leadership of various churches at a young age. A few years into my ministry journey, the Lord taught me a vital truth that has radically changed my life and my understanding of ministry. He began to show me in the Scriptures how all of the ministry we do for the Lord, flows out of our ministry to the Lord.

As I embraced this truth, my whole view of God changed and my love and affection for Him began to increase. And it is still increasing today.

I’ve had many different assignments over my years of ministry: youth leader, church planter, worship pastor, church secretary, senior pastor, co-founder and leader of an international movement of songwriters and serving as a church janitor. Throughout my journey so far, having the Lord Himself be my first and foremost ministry has centered me, fueled me, kept me from burnout and equipped me to more effectively minister to His people.


Kathy Privitera

Kathy Privitera

Life Coach, Christian Counselor

Since the age of 12, Kathy has been a teacher in one form or another. Starting as a preschool teacher she later became a Children’s Church Leader at the age 14. Her love for teaching and inspiring others motivated her to continue her studies in Elementary Education. She taught elementary school for 12 years before deciding to homeschool her own children in 2005. Having an itch to go back to school, Kathy discovered CLU and immediately knew she would earn her Master’s Christian Counseling. Since then, she has earned her certification in Take Charge of Your Health and has become a Certified Life Coach.
Currently, she is mentoring and coaching CLU students as well as serving women in her facebook group Feet to Dreams.
Her passion is to inspire and empower others to live their life healed, healthy, and whole: spirit, soul, and body as they begin putting their feet to dreams.
Andy Karabatsos

Andy Karabatsos

I graduated from Portland State University in 1985 with a BS in Business Administration, I served as CFO and COO for a Publishing Company for over 12 years and COO for a Manufacturing Company for 11 years.  I also served as a Board Member and later Board President for Friends of Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland from 1992 – 2002.  We raised both funds and awareness for the Portland area Children’s Hospital, and were able to assist in the Capital project that helped build the new hospital.  I was a volunteer Youth group leader for our church for five years from 2003 – 2008.  I began my studies towards a Master’s degree with CLU in 2011 while incarcerated, and completed my studies and received my degree in 2014, a year after my release.  I am currently about half way through my doctoral degree.  I have been working with Incarcerated inmates for the last two years at CLU.

The following CLU graduates have volunteered to serve as Adjunct Faculty Members to our students who are in prison:

Jocelyn Agpalo
Kim Akers
Desta Balla
Lackson Banda
James Blizzard
Linda Williams-Dawson
Linda Geyer
David Gogwe
Christine Hackett

Robyn Kassas
Tony Kassas
Chisenga Kunda
Laurie Leiding
Catherine McPherson
Hannah Milbrandt
Esther Milne
Rebekah Nuzzi

Alphonse Okossi
Mitzi Owen
George Pancescu
Ben Ranis
Linda Resto
Lois Richard
Mary Roach
Eric Robertson
Avanell Savage

Debra Sears
Maurizio Secondi
Darlene Grippo-Sowa
Kay Tolman
Joel Trenkle
Patrick Wilson
Paul Wolak
Gerrick Wong
Peter Xiong

CLU Textbooks and Training Materials

At Christian Leadership University, we want you to receive your training from people who are already successfully leading in their fields. We are not interested in mere academic or theoretical knowledge; we want to impart the spirit and anointing and real life solutions that have been proven in life.

Because we believe that mentoring will occur through books and recorded teaching, we carefully choose our textbooks and course materials with those criteria in mind. Following are some of the “instructors” you who will mentor and train you through their writings and recordings, even though you will not have any personal interaction with them.

Alphabetically Arranged by Last Name

  • Bill and Susan Banks
  • Dennis and Rita Bennett
  • Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  • Richard Booker
  • Lamar Boschman
  • Bob Briner
  • Judson Cornwall
  • Michael Farris
  • Jack Frost
  • Joseph Garlington
  • Robert Gay
  • A. L. Gill
  • James Goll
  • Jack Hayford
  • Benny Hinn
  • Dick Iverson
  • Cindy Jacobs
  • Wayne Jacobsen
  • Bill Johnson
  • Laurie Beth Jones
  • Deborah Joyner
  • Rick Joyner
  • David Martyn Lloyd-Jones
  • Tim Kimmel
  • Nate and Joanne Krupp
  • Rich Marshall
  • John Maxwell
  • Frank McClung
  • Miles Munroe
  • John Muratori
  • Andrew Murray
  • Parker Palmer
  • Derek Prince
  • Dutch Sheets
  • Ed Silvoso
  • Bob Sorge
  • Benny Thomas
  • Mark Virkler
  • Dorris Wagner
  • Barbara Wentroble
  • John Wimber