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About Patty Sadallah

Patty Sadallah is a PhD student, Teaching Assistant and Curriculum Designer at Christian Leadership University.  She is currently working on a new book series called Just Ask Jesus.  The series teaches people how to have encountering discussions with Jesus about life’s most pressing problems.  She is working on the first book of that series: How to Live a Worry Free Life.

Patty as been an Organization Development Consultant more than 30 years serving nonprofit and faith-based organizations in the areas of organization development and fundraising, coaching, facilitation, speaking and training.  She is the author of Clips that Move Mountains, a discipleship book featuring 23 film clips that aid as biblical illustrations for her Territory of Christian Impact Model  Journey to the Abundant Christian Life, her second book,  is the Bible study companion  to the first book.  

She is pursuing her PhD at Christian Leadership University in the area of Leadership/Discipleship.  She has a Masters of Organizational Development from American University and Bachelors of Organizational Communication from Ohio University.     She comes along side individuals, nonprofits and faith-based organizations and helps move them toward God’s future plans for them.  She has been married to George for 30 years and has three grown daughters, a son in law, and a grand daughter. She lives in the Cleveland, Ohio area