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Our students and graduates tell it best


I just completed my Doctorate of Christian Counseling through Christian Leadership University. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing this experience was for me in terms of healing, personal growth, and growing as close to God as I have ever been.

I’ve learned to discern the voice of God through dialoguing and dreams. To think, all of these years He may have been trying to speak to me and I didn’t know how to listen to Him. Hearing God and allowing Him to be the Wonderful Counselor He truly is has totally changed my life. Thank you to the Virklers and to Christian Leadership University for your amazing ministry. May God richly bless you.

Cheryl McKay

Regent University Graduate and Published Author

The Doctorate at CLU was the most important education I have ever had and will ever get. I received my B.A. in education and my M.A. in counseling from The University of Phoenix. My Doctorate with CLU is the most precious part of my educational journey. Glory be to God! My Doctorate from Walden University will allow me to be a certified instructor in the State of Arizona but nothing can ever take the place of my Doctorate from CLU. I will buy your books for my clients.

Shaloma Gray

Completing my Doctorate in Christian Counseling at CLU has been such a wonderful learning experience. The growth that has taken place in both my ministry and in the marketplace cannot be measured. I now have the tools necessary to bring about positive change not only to my life, but to the many lives God has entrusted me with. I highly recommend CLU  to anyone who wants to have a more fulfilling relationship with God as well as broadening their horizons in their quest for knowledge and upward mobility. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Virkler for communing with God to bring forth such an enlightening and life changing curriculum. I look forward to completing another CLU  Doctorate in Christian Leadership while continuing on this divine journey.

Elder Angela Henry, DCC, MHS

New York

Dr. Mark, thank you for your obedience and dedication to God’s will to bring this powerful and life-changing message of freedom, healing and a genuine relationship with God to us. Through the books in the course Prayers That Heal the Heart, God, our loving and caring Father, found a way in starting His healing ministry to me. I wanted a Ph.D. and now I get what I really needed: A life united with Christ!


South Africa

I heartily recommend Prayers That Heal the Heart. It is the most biblical book I have read on counseling and spiritual warfare, in terms of emotional healing. While there are other good books out there that God has used, red flags have always gone up in my mind by their use of methods borrowed by modern psychology. This book isn’t like that, and it is thoroughly practical with its exercises and worksheets. It can definitely be used by the Lord to change your life and break the enemy’s power in your life.

Brian Shilhavy

Below are amazing testimonies of the power of the course Prayers That Heal the Heart to bring radical transformation to individuals as well as groups. We recently completed a survey of students who have gone through it, and after collecting approximately 160 responses, the view they have expressed is, Everyone needs this course.” Experience prophetic prayer counseling!

I had the privilege to teach this course to 10 people (largely very mature Christians, including ordained clergy and those with ministries). The results were far greater than I could have imagined, with much healing and deliverance taking place.  Some of those who did the course have used what they learnt in their own ministries and have reported back to me, expressing gratitude that they had the opportunity to be equipped with the knowledge and tools that the course provides.

Peter Cushen

I took the course because of a personal need at the time. It was a real lifesaver for me, literally! I still experience the fruit of the truth taught in the course. I’d like to thank you also for the extraordinary presence of the Lord in each course CLU offers.

Isabelle Knockaert

The Prayers that Heals the Heart course brought healing to my life in so many ways.  Before taking this course, I have been dealing with issues pertaining to forgiveness.  Sometimes in life when you expect certain people to be there for you through tough situations, the Lord will allow them to let you down.  When God allowed those people to let me down, there was a tendency of me holding on to a grudge against those individuals.  As I went throughout the process of the course, I felt the chains and shackles of forgiveness being broken over my life.  After completing the process of the course, I can truly say that the Lord has delivered me.  Instead of me now trusting mankind to provide my every need, whether spiritual, physically, emotionally, or socially, I now realize what the scripture says, that God shall provide all of my need according to his riches in glory.  Releasing forgiveness through Prayers that Heals the Heart course not only brought healing to my life, but it placed God where I always wanted him to be-In the center of my heart!

Eric Robertson, Th.D.

CLU Adjunct Professor

I am a medical doctor and worked for almost 20 years in the Middle East where I met my husband Alan and we had two children 21 and 18.  I myself work at a Christian psychiatric hospital in Germany that is known for its counseling on Biblical basis.  I have full freedom to pray with and counsel people as I feel led by the Holy Spirit. I am so grateful for The Prayers that Heal the Heart and I have seen many hearts healed.


The Prayers that Heal the heart class was not only transforming (taken sometime around 2003), but it set me on a journey that eventually led me to being a psychotherapist who uses many of the Prayers That Heal the Heart concepts on a daily basis with my clients. I found such healing in this material. Shortly after completing this class, I met up with a friend and his dad at a restaurant. My friend’s dad told me he had a debilitating fear of tornadoes. I was able to use the concepts from this course to connect him with Jesus in a past childhood memory, and afterward, reported he was totally healed of this phobia. From this point, I included connecting with Jesus in past memories as a normal part of my life. I use this basic concept all the time to this day.

Andrew Steck

PTHTH was wonderful and extremely helpful. It changed my life and I use the prayers all the time to help others. I pray them over myself and family with amazing breakthroughs happening!

CLU as a whole has changed my life as a believer and student.  I sing the praises of this university and as a result, several of my friends are now taking courses and buying your books and material. I will be graduating with my BA in Counseling in the next few months and plan to continue on for my Masters. I hope to qualify in the future to be an CLU Instructor for students, as well.

God’s richest blessings on your faithfulness to help us all “Hear God” in profound and intimate ways!

Pamela Picard

PTHTH was an amazing course that brought tremendous healing to my heart. I have taught it and preached on it numerous times and have seen miracles of healing and people delivered in other ways.  I look forward to counseling more people personally with what I learned and experienced. Thankful for your helping facilitate a truly life-changing institution.

Don Paprocky

I recently used some of the course materials in a counseling appointment.  The woman told me later that she’d received an awesome healing and was thinking clearly for the first time in years.  It is interesting to note, the purpose of the appointment was not healing.  She had been grieving over the loss of a close family member.  As we dealt with that issue and prayed through prayers that heal the heart, she received unexpected freedom and healing.  I highly recommend this course.

Pastor Cheryl

I have been able to teach my small group from just the PTHTH book and videos and my group was able to get healed with just these resources.

Patty Sadallah

I personally gained great healing and information to counsel others from the current course and choose it over all other courses I have investigated.

Rick Kerr

This course offers the best of all worlds, the three R’s: RIGOR, REVELATION, and RIVERS….academic RIGOR, Spirit inspired REVELATION, and RIVERS of Living Water!

Paul Wolak

I work here in El Paso Texas in Teen Challenge where I have used many times what I learned from the Prayers That Heal the Heart course. Thank you and I love your school it has changed my life and I’m still giving Bible Studies on different courses I took at CLU.

Katharina Adkins