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Special Offer: Save 25% or More

Team up with a friend to reduce your costs and enrich your learning experience


“…one can chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight…” Deut. 32:30


The power of this verse

applies to your college education just as much as it does to any other area of your life. When you share your learning experience with a partner, your effectiveness will be multiplied and the power of God will profoundly affect both of your lives.

Rewarding teamwork

We feel so strongly about the value of partnership and growing together that we will give a 25% tuition discount to you and anyone else who enrolls along with you. This applies to all members of a group of two or more taking the same CLU course at the same time.

How to save even more!

When you are working closely together with a friend, family member or small group, you can share materials to reduce your costs even further. Instead of purchasing two or more CD series (i.e., one for each group member), which can be a substantial portion of the cost of each course, you can share one set and listen to them together.

You also have the option

of reinvesting your savings into upgrading your course materials. Instead of CDs, some of our most popular courses offer DVDs to further enhance your educational experience.

It's your choice:

  • Select the standard CDs and save at least 25%, or
  • Reinvest your group savings and enjoy DVDs for the same price you would normally pay for CDs (subject to availability)!

How to receive your discount

When you enroll, simply mention the fact that you are part of a group, list the names of the other members in your group, request the 25% tuition discount and state whether or not you will be sharing any course materials.

If you are interested in upgrading any of your CDs to DVDs, the CLU staff will be happy to discuss these options with you. (Upgrades are not available for all courses.)

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