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Testing the Waters
Many people go through their entire college career having never tried the occupation for which they are in training until they receive their degree.
Then, upon trying their chosen profession, they discover it is not right for them after all.
What a waste of these precious training years!

This will never happen to a CLU student.

Because our students are doing practica throughout their educational careers, they are always testing the waters to see where their interests and skills lie.

Practica are not part of your life experience portfolio. They are done regularly throughout your college career, and you will be given a proper reporting form for each.
Practica are where you apply your classroom theories to the anvils of life and test out, sharpen, and clarify what you are learning.
They are the places where you prove the truth, demonstrate enhanced understanding and skill, and test your interests and abilities.
As such, they are the keystones to success in your educational process. Ongoing practica will give you experiences in many different areas, allowing you a chance to discover where your gifts, interests and joys are.

The full-time student may take one three-credit practicum each quarter; the part-time student may take one per year.


The arrangements for your practicum will be worked out with your Faculty Adviser in advance, and all necessary evaluation forms for the practicum will be provided by him.


A three-credit practicum will require 60 to 90 hours of work. Divided into a 12-week course, this amounts to five to seven hours per week.


The tuition cost is $150 per credit, which is $450 for an average three-credit practicum.


You will enroll in your practica along with the other courses you are taking, at which time you will be sent more detailed instructions.


Your Faculty Adviser can answer any further questions you have about your practica.


The Practicum syllabus/notebook can be purchased for $10 plus S&H through the online course order form.

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