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Restoring Whole-brain Learning

God has created our brains with both left and right hemispheres.

Left-hemisphere brain functions

include reasoning, reading, written language, number skills and spoken language.

Right-hemisphere brain functions

include imagination, intuition, art awareness, three-dimensional forms and music awareness.

In America today,

our worship of the left hemisphere is so complete that when we graduate from high school, the left hemispheres of our brains actually weigh slightly more than the right hemispheres!

Christian Leadership University seeks to go beyond simply training the left hemisphere. We seek to offer training that involves both left- and right-hemisphere brain functions. Plus, we seek to train our students to present both hemispheres of their brains to God to fill and flow through and guide.

For example, “Without a parable, Jesus taught them not” (Matt. 13:34). Parables are picture stories. They utilize the right side of the brain. The most powerful teaching comes from following the educational methodology of the world’s most powerful Teacher, Jesus Christ, and learning to combine both right and left hemispheres with the anointing and flow of the Holy Spirit. That is what CLU is committed to training you to do.