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Transferring credits to CLU

Christian Leadership University will accept credits toward a CLU degree from the following sources:

  1. Official transcripts from other educational institutions including church-centered Bible schools and schools of ministry, community colleges, technical schools, colleges, universities, and seminaries will be evaluated. Courses with “A” and “B” grades will be accepted when they maintain a course content that is complementary to the degree being sought at CLU. Credits transferred are limited to half of the credits required for the CLU degree.
    ALL completed courses for which the course syllabus is copyrighted by “CWG Ministries” or “Lamad Curriculum Developers LLC” will be accepted by transcript, without limitation to the number of credits being transferred, provided all work required in the course syllabus was completed and an “A” or a “B” was earned on the course. In this case, a minimum of one three-credit course from the Renewal concentration must be taken directly with CLU for each degree sought. All CLU graduates must take REN103 or REN503. If the student has already taken all the Renewal courses CLU offers, he may pick a 3 credit course from the Ministry, Counseling or Theology Concentrations.
  2. Life experience credits may be earned by the student completing and submitting a Life Experience Portfolio to CLU. See further details here.

Additional information

Students may be taking courses with CLU while they are taking courses at other educational institutions.

Degrees are awarded when the following criteria are met:

  • Associate’s degree – 60 credits
  • Bachelor’s degree – 60 credits beyond the Associate’s degree
  • Master’s degree – 40 credits beyond the Bachelor’s degree
  • Doctoral degree – 40 or 60 credits beyond the Master’s degree

Flexibility is the rule when it comes to exactly which courses are to be taken. The guiding principle is to follow your heart’s passions and desires, as God has put them there. The degree awarded will be titled according to the major concentration of courses taken.

Concentrations include: Bible, Christian Counseling, Business as Ministry (Christian Entrepreneurship), Christian Leadership, Divine Healing, Intercession, Ministry, Missions and Evangelism, Prophetic Ministry, Theology, Worship Ministry, Youth Ministry and a Divinity degree on the Master’s and Doctoral levels.

How to begin

When seeking to transfer credits, begin by completing the New Student Application Form. ($100) You may then have official transcripts sent to CLU for evaluation and transfer to a CLU transcript.

Transfer of credits to a CLU transcript will incur the following cost, depending on the number of credits being transferred:

  • Bachelors students – $100 – $200 based on number of credits being transferred​
  • Master and Doctorate students – $100 (Limit: up to half of total degree can come from transfer)

Credit Transfer to Other Institutions

Students desiring transfer of CLU credits into another college should contact that college directly to determine if it will receive CLU credits. As is true of all schools, transferability of credits earned at CLU is at the discretion of the receiving institution.

These degrees are generally not transferable into colleges or universities which have accreditation recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

It should be noted that CLU uses the “semester credit” measurement. Our courses are designed to be completed in 12 weeks rather than the normal 16-week semester.

It is generally easier to transfer an entire degree to another school rather than part of a degree.