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ISOM Graduates May Receive an Associate, Bachelor or Master’s Degree from Christian Leadership University

Because ISOM graduates have received a quality, spiritual education, Christian Leadership University is honored to give that education the recognition it deserves.

Christian Leadership University is a distance education college, exempt from state licensure provisions by the Florida Board of Regents because it offers only religious degrees. One of the goals of Christian Leadership University is to recognize and offer documentation for Bible institute diplomas as well as the life experience and other non-college learning of qualified individuals.

Christian Leadership University is accredited by Christian Accreditation International.

Christian Leadership University was also certified by the Apostolic Council for Educational Accountability(ACEA) for the entire 11 years of ACEA’s existence (1998–2009). Dr. C. Peter Wagner, head of the Wagner Institute for Practical Ministry, formed this group as an alternative to traditional accreditation for the new apostolic churches that are emerging. They have now changed the acronym ACEA to the name of their new entity, “Association of Christian Educators and Administrators.”

Both CAI and ACEA provide evaluation and accountability without distorting the purpose and vision of Christian Leadership University.

Christian Leadership University is privately accredited and offers religious-exempt degrees. Although Christian Accreditation International accredits this degree, CLU is not listed with the U.S. Department of Education, and a CLU degree is specifically not suited for people pursuing jobs as public school teachers, state university professors, state-licensed psychologists, amongst other vocations, and that some states may have restrictions on ways this degree can be utilized in the marketplace (though these restrictions may be superseded by a recent unanimous Supreme Court Ruling, Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission).

Associate’s Degree from CLU: If you are an ISOM student, please contact ISOM directly if you desire to receive an associate’s degree from CLU upon the completion of ISOM’s 2-year program. CLU considers ISOM’s 2-year program, when coupled with your life experience credits, to be deserving of an Associate in Biblical Studies degree. (Note: Because ISOM’s courses are completed in local church settings among active growing Christians, CLU assumes that life experience credits will be present. CLU does not require any forms or paperwork be completed to confirm these life experience credits.)

You also must complete the Student Release Form and submit it to CLU before you can receive your degree.

Bachelor and Masters Degrees from CLU: If you have completed additional years of training along with ISOM, then you may be eligible to receive a higher degree from CLU. Contact CLU directly to discuss obtaining these higher degrees.

  1. Those who have an associate’s degree plus ISOM’s 2-year training may receive 90 credits toward a bachelor’s degree from CLU.
  2. Those who have a bachelor’s degree plus ISOM’s 2-year training may receive 13 credits completed toward a master’s degree.
  3. Avail yourself of any of CLU’s 130+ exciting Spirit-anointed correspondence courses as you work toward bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. View CLU’s entire catalog at www.cluonline.com.

To receive a Bachelor or Master’s degree from Christian Leadership University, students must complete the following minimum standards:

  • Be enrolled in CLU. Submit the required New Student Application Form (www.cluonline.com/apply) with $25. ISOM students will generally already be enrolled with CLU.
  • Complete a total of 120 credits for bachelor’s, 40 additional for a master’s and 40-60 additional for a doctoral degree. The standard CLU requires is 25 hours of learning experience for each credit awarded.
  • A minimum of one three-credit course from the Renewal Concentration must be taken directly with CLU for each degree sought. All CLU bachelor’s and master’s students must take REN103 or REN503 (Communion With God). If the student has already taken this course and all other Renewal (REN) courses CLU offers, he may pick a 3-credit course from the Ministry, Counseling or Theology Concentrations. REN103/503 can be ordered by scrolling down this page.
  • Students seeking a master’s degree will receive 13 master level credits for the completion of ISOM’s 5 trimesters. To complete the 40 credit CLU masters degree they must complete REN503 plus a minimum of two additional courses of their choosing. These can be any courses in the CLU catalog. If it is not a 500 numbered course, then an extra assignment will be added to it to bring it up to a master’s level course. The balance of the 40 master’s credits will be earned through the submission of a Life Experience Portfolio.
  • Pay CLU a graduation fee of $100.
  • See also: www.cluonline.com/transfer/