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Section III

Overview of Majors

Design Your Own Program

Christian Leadership University has developed the following majors for its students.

Courses numbered 100 – 199 are designed for freshmen; 200 – 299 for sophomores; 300 – 399 for Juniors; 400 – 499 for seniors; above 500 for post graduate students. It is recommended that students elect courses in the years for which they are listed. If you are a part-time student, we recommend you finish all your required 100 courses first, then 200s, etc. Exceptions can be made when agreed upon with your faculty advisor. Students who enroll in CLU and already have their B.A. may elect to take some undergraduate courses as part of their graduate program. In this case, extra assignments will be added to the undergraduate course to make it graduate level.

Following are the course titles associated with each major. The majors are listed alphabetically.

In Section IV of this catalog you will find complete course descriptions arranged alphabetically.

Alphabetical Listing of Concentrations

Biblical Studies

Christian Counseling

Christian Entrepreneurship

Christian Leadership

Creative Writing

Divine Healing



Missions and Evangelism

Prophetic Ministry


Worship Ministry

Youth Ministry

Strategic Educational Alliances

Christian Leadership University maintains a strong relationship with institutions and ministries that offer the following programs and will accept the transcripts of students who complete work at any of these institutions.

Addiction Studies

Jean LaCour, Ph.D.

Dr. LaCour is President and Dean of the NET Training Institute for Addiction Studies. You can contact her via email at nti@netinstitute.net, or phone (407) 236-9400, fax (407) 849-1120, or write P.O. Box 536875 Orlando, FL 32853-6875 for courses in this major concentration.


Ron Ross

Founder of "the NET" and Overcomers Incorporated. Ron has his B.A. in Sociology from Augusta College.


Purpose of the Addiction Studies Program

NET Training Institute for Counseling and Addiction Studies is organized for the specific purpose of raising the standard of service and care provided in the fields of recovery ministry, addiction counseling and prevention.

Our goal is to produce effective laborers who are prepared to achieve victory in these areas through the healing power of Jesus Christ.

This focus is consistent with the historical involvement of the Christian Church in ministering to the needs of society's hurting people, as well as with current research supporting the importance of the spiritual dimension in long-term recovery.

Biblical Hebraic Roots of Christianity

Dr. Richard Booker

Dr. Richard Booker is President of Sounds of the Trumpet, Inc., and the Founder/Director of the Institute for Hebraic-Christian Studies. To take courses in this concentration, contact Sounds of the Trumpet at shofarprb@aol.com or phone (936) 441-2171, fax (936) 494-1999 or write 4747 Research Forest Dr. Suite 180-330, Woodlands, TX 77381. For more information on Dr. Booker and the courses available in this area, visit his website at www.rbooker.com.


Purpose of the Biblical Hebraic Roots of Christianity Program

The Institute for Hebraic-Christian Studies (IHCS) is a pioneering ministry serving those who are searching for their spiritual roots and want to study authentic pre-Constantine Biblical Christianity. We offer courses that help believers understand the historical and cultural Hebraic-Christian connection in the Bible.

Founded by Dr. Richard and Peggy Booker, IHCS provides a unique teaching, learning and research opportunity for students to study the Biblical Hebraic Roots of Christianity and the role of Israel in the prophetic Scriptures. These courses help the student discover the rich depths of the Bible that are often missed when reading the Scriptures through Western eyes.

The courses emphasize the Biblical Hebraic cultural understanding of the Bible rather than a Western cultural interpretation. They are biblically based, theologically balanced, focused on Jesus, and practical in their presentation.


Biblical Perspectives Concerning Natural Health

Dr. Reuben T. DeHaan

President of Health Care Ministry International. To take any courses in this program, contact Dr. DeHaan via email at hcmi@hcmionline.com, or phone (704) 730-9115, fax (704) 730-9116, or write P.O. Box 547, Kings Mountain, NC 28086. You can visit his website at www.hcmionline.com. He will give you career guidance, assist you in proper enrollment as a student, and be your mentor.


Purpose of the Biblical Perspectives Concerning Natural Health Program

The objective of this program is to empower you, the student, to find the true cause of disease in a simple, non-invasive, yet accurate method. The Bible tells us to study in order to show ourselves approved, and that we perish for lack of knowledge. We view the body as the creation of God. All instructions for upkeep and maintenance, as well as remedies (when maintenance has not been upheld) have been created in a simple way that anyone who is willing to show him/herself approved can utilize (2 Cor. 11:3).

This information should be utilized to reverse the disease process and assist people in reaching optimum health with the aid of organic substances and various other natural therapeutics. We view surgery and the use of drugs (prescription) as a last resort when natural therapies have not been able to work because of incorrect living habits or other emergencies.

True health is gained when spirit, mind (soul) and body are balanced, in that order. Our goal is training up healers that can be among the finest of technicians, but know that true healing is a gift of God; man is but a vessel used to assist and/or coach people who are sick and in need of obtaining true health. True health is the result of a change in lifestyle. It is finding out what issues or parts of life are not health-promoting and which only lead to an environment for pain, sickness and disease to occur. Realizing that health is a commandment, we have utilized those tools we feel God created in order for health to be achieved and maintained. Biblical principles have been incorporated or used for reference whenever possible.


Steve and Dianne Bydeley

As teachers, pastoral counselors, and especially dreamers, Steve and Dianne bring vibrant personal experience to this area and offer the keys they have learned so others can walk in the fullness of what God has for them. As founders of Lapstone Ministries they have taught internationally on the subject of dreams, inner healing, and renewal.


Purpose of the Dreams Program

Lapstone Ministries offers a three-month email mentoring dream practicum which is accepted by CLU as three credits of work. The goal of this course is to draw you into a more intimate relationship with God by learning to hear His messages to you through your dreams. During the 12-week period Steve and Dianne will be available as personal mentors to your dreams via the internet. They will guide you individually and confidentially in understanding biblical keys and in developing the skills necessary for dream interpretation.




John Arnott

Attended Ontario Bible College; currently Senior Pastor of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship; has coordinated 13 church plants; known worldwide for imparting God’s anointing.


Purpose of the Renewal Program

The Renewal program is for students seeking an understanding and experience of renewal within the Church. You will examine both the history of renewal and contemporary renewal movements. You will examine how renewal methodologies impact personal growth, local church growth, and worldwide evangelism. This school is designed to equip you to move effectively in renewal strategies and renewal experiences. Internship opportunities are available in proven renewal settings. John Arnott has made a three-month live-in renewal school available in Toronto with an additional one to two months of practica following. Call (416) 674-8463 for a brochure and details on pricing, housing, and a description of the entire program. Once you have completed this program successfully, the credits may be transferred into Christian Leadership University.


Introductory Overview Brochure (PDF)
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4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice
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I just want to take time to thank you for your help and for the opportunity to receive the blessing that courses give. God has certainly used them in my life. I can say with confidence, that this has been a wonderful time of healing and learning. It is one of the most blessed and experiential times of study that I have ever entered into. May God continue to use you to teach and bless others, with the healing touch of Christ.
- Rev. Robert Butler

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