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How Much Does a Degree at CLU Cost?

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Fees and Related Information

Matriculation Fee

$100 with application

Registration Fee

$10 for each course

Tuition Fees for Courses

$150 /credit or $450 /three-credit course for full- or part-time students

Tuition Fees for Practicum and Internships

$150 per credit = $450 for the typical three-credit practicum


Life Experience Credit

$100 per credit

Materials Fees

$50 – $100 per course

Insufficient Funds

$30 per check

Graduation Fee

$150 (payable prior to graduation)


Transcript Fee

$20.00 (each after two gratis)


Transcripts from Other Institutions

Bachelors Students  –  $100 per COURSE
Master and Doctorate students  – $100 per CREDIT



$200 per credit


We accept

Comparative Costs for Education

According to U.S. News and World Report, this is the financial commitment you are making when you complete a four-year degree.

The average cost at a private nonprofit college is


The average cost for out of state public college is


Christian Leadership University costs only about


What Can I Expect My Cost to Be?

Your actual total investment depends on a number of variables.

If you have previous college experience and/or bring in some of your credits through life experience the cost could be approximately $6,000 – $12,000 for the Bachelor’s degree from CLU. Master’s and Doctoral degrees similarly earned are approximately $4,000 – $6,500 each.


Contact our offices for specific pricing

for your situation based on the number of credits being transferred in and number of life experience credits being awarded. A special discount is available if you pay for an entire degree program upfront. We also offer an interest-free monthly payment plan option, available any time a course is paid with a credit or debit card.

Veterans are eligible for our Military Discount.

We are not set up to receive government financial aid or veteran’s benefits, but we do have a scholarship discount available privately for those in need and who qualify.  You may discuss these options with our staff.



Have a friend or family member interested too?

We offer a 25% tuition discount anytime two or more students enroll in the same course at the same time. You can reduce the price even further by sharing materials if you wish.

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