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Free Online Bible Quizzes

If you are just testing your Bible knowledge for your own enjoyment, you do not need to register for the site. Simply skip all the way down to Step #4 below!

Those who are enrolling in CLU, keep reading…

It is our conviction at Christian Leadership University that all students at Bible Schools or Christian colleges should read through the entire Bible as part of their preparation for life and ministry. The norm, unfortunately, is to only require the reading of selected passages or books, if any Bible is required at all. To guide CLU students in their meditation of God’s Word, the Through the Bible series was developed. Though we do not require it, we strongly encourage every CLU student to include all eight of these courses as part of their degree program.

All new enrollees of CLU are required to complete these quizzes to evaluate their knowledge of the biblical facts that are taught in our Through the Bible series. Even though you have studied your Bible for many years, you may be challenged by some of the questions, and that’s okay. College-level learning should be different and more difficult than what the average church member receives. Don’t consider a less-than-perfect score as an indication of how well you know your Bible. It is only an indication of how well you know the specific facts that will be taught in our courses.

Any new student who does not earn at least 70% on any of the tests will be required to take the course represented by that quiz. Hopefully, you will be excited about this opportunity to learn new things about God’s Word! Undergraduate students will earn three credits for each of the Through the Bible courses they successfully complete. Graduate students will have the option of completing only the work required in the undergraduate syllabus and earning two credits per course, or completing an extra project and earning three credits per course.

Instructions for New CLU Students

Some people may just want to take these free online Bible quizzes for fun! But if you are enrolling in Christian Leadership University, please follow these simple steps to get started.

Please note that you will only be able to take the quizzes once, regardless whether you are logged in or not. So if you take a quiz without registering and logging in first, your result will not show up in your account and you will be locked out of that quiz!

1) Complete this form to register for the site:

Use your full name for the Username, and the same email address as on your New Student Enrollment form.

2) Submit the form by clicking the orange “Register” button at right.

This page will refresh and you’ll need to scroll back down here to continue.

3) Log in by entering the username and password you just created:

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4) Begin by clicking on “BIB101 Pentateuch” or any of the other links below.


Have fun, and share this link with your friends! Challenge each other to see who has the most Bible knowledge!