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Dreams And Visions: God’s Voice In The Night

Mar 19, 2017

Dreams and visions

I enjoy teaching and coaching the 4 keys to Hearing God’s voice as the foundation to all the other classes we offer at True Vine Branches Ministries. I believe that once we know God’s voice and can identify it from all other voices, we will be on the journey to freedom and peace of mind.

Being able to identify His voice has been of tremendous help to me in the interpretation of my dreams and visions. I no longer worry or get anxious when I receive a dream or a vision during the day or at night.

If God gives me a dream in the night, I know He will also give me the interpretation to the dream. Most of the time after I wake up the meaning of the dream is revealed right away after pondering on it and praying over it. There are other times when the meaning or the interpretation of my dream does not come right away. In this case, I pray over the dream as I go about my day asking the Holy Spirit for revelation. The pieces may come together the same day as the Holy Spirit shines His light on it. In other instances, the revelation can come to me later on as I keep praying over the dream or after the situation has come to fulfillment. Then I say, “Father that was the information you were giving me in advance, thank you.” It is important for me to thank God after He gives me the revelation and interpretation to my dreams. All revelations, knowledge, wisdom and understanding belongs to Him.

God Still Talks Through Dreams And Visions

One of the ways God communicates with His children is through dreams and visions. When I look back, I can only give Him glory for His voice in the night. As a wife and a mother, I always need divine guidance and revelation. Sometimes God can give me dreams or visions that expose the enemy. Especially, if the cause of events going on in my life, home, the lives of my children, or a loved one etc. has to deal with spiritual warfare. I have learned to run to Him for the interpretation of the dream/vision and ask Him for help on how to handle the situation.

There are a few reasons why God gives us dreams and visions instead of showing us the pictures and symbols physically. From my personal experience in my relationship with God; there are some things He cannot show me physically because I will be terrified. Another reason why He gives me dreams is because my rational mind may not be able to comprehend the message He is trying to pass across to me. For example, a lion wearing a crown of gold knocks on my door. I opened the door for Him to come into the house. He sits at my dining table and then asked me to cook so we could eat together. I rushed off quickly to prepare the meal and we sat down eating, laughing, and just enjoying ourselves.

In my real life I cannot go through this or should I say, “Never.”

If I open my door and see a lion standing there and he says to me, “Hello Simi how’re you doing sweetheart?” My reaction will fall into these categories: passing out, running, praying and screaming, crying, shaking, and sprinting to grab the phone: dial 911. You can just imagine my state of mind at that point in time. I will be a mess.

Therefore, in order for God to pass some messages across to me, He has to drop the letter into my spiritual mailbox of dreams and visions. He is not the author of fear and confusion. He knows each one of His children and He knows what we can handle.

As Christians, it is very important for us to pay attention to our dreams and visions, but most especially to learn how to interpret the symbols in our dreams and visions.

The course Christian Dream Interpretation laid the foundation to dream interpretation for me, and it just got better with the new book that was recently written by Dr. Virkler and Dr. Charity Kayembe; Hearing God Through your dreams.

One of the students that attended my class on the “4 Keys to Hearing God’s voice” shared this testimony of Dream Interpretations with me after listening to the teachings of Dr. Charity Kayembe on Dream Interpretations:


When I took “4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice” with Simi Adigun, she talked about journaling our dreams and learning to interpret them. I decided to keep my journal by my bed but the occasional dreams I could remember were “pizza dreams” i.e. processing the crazy ingredients of my daily life.

Mark Virkler & Charity Virkler Kayembe recently published a book and recorded a seminar entitled “Hearing God Through Your Dreams,” On a long drive to Florida over Thanksgiving weekend, my husband and I listened to the seminar.

Charity provided fantastic examples which illustrate how a dream can teach truths such as, “Joy comes in the morning” or “this too shall pass.” Biblical passages are customized for your life circumstances in dreams.

Charity came up with a super simple method called DAESI for interpreting your dreams. It will start you on a fun treasure hunt with God to find the hidden gems in your “pizza ingredients.”


DREAM – Record a Reader’s Digest summary of your dream. Don’t get bogged down in pages of details.

ACTION – What was the key action in your dream? (Running? Cooking? Cleaning? Ministering?)

EMOTIONS – In the dream, how were you feeling? What was your key emotion? (Excited? Disappointed? Loved? Peaceful?)

SETTING – What issues were you dealing with in your waking life? What did you do that day? What were you thinking about when you went to bed? What were you praying for as you fell asleep?

INTERPRETATION – Match the dream’s action and emotion with similar actions and emotions in your waking life. This will show you what area of your life the dream is speaking to. Journal God’s message to you in the dream. If you have read Mark Virkler’s “4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice,” Mark calls this “tune to flow” to get the interpretation.


In “pizza dreams,” it is easy to get bogged down and frustrated by trying to figure out the meaning of details. Think of yourself as a fly on the wall looking at the grand scheme of the movie i.e. God’s perspective.

When you are working through Charity’s template, notice the “crazy pizza ingredients” jumping out of your dream.

Ask God why He is highlighting these specific ingredients in your dream. God will drop His answers back in your mind. You will realize the ingredients that frustrated you before are the keys to the genius of God’s custom dream video.


DREAM – I was teaching a small group of people in my living room about how to perfectly swing a golf club. In real life, I know zero about swinging golf clubs and there is no way for me to even fake a good swing. The group was so nice, friendly, and accepting but I was completely out of my league.

I sensed that there was a younger woman in better shape who was at the side of the room. I knew she was better equipped to be the teacher but the group was more focused on me.

My front doorbell rang. Since I was furthest from the door, I couldn’t figure out why no one responded, so I had to wade through people to answer.

Superman (George Reeves version) was there smiling. I felt loved and accepted even though I was out of my league with the golf students in my living room.

Throughout the day, Superman returned and each time he rang the doorbell. The group remained in my living room. I would have to come through back rooms in my house and step over people to get to the door to answer in time. I couldn’t figure out why the group never responded since they were closer to my door; Superman was always happy to see me.

The last time the doorbell rang, someone had a bouquet for me from Superman. Superman had been delivering flower gifts to others but had run out of flowers.

This bouquet was just two stems joined by the outstretched hand of the person at the door. The stems drooped like tree branches. Even though the arrangement wasn’t a typical bouquet, this gift was specially prepared for me and I could see Superman flying up, up and away in the clouds.

ACTION – I was answering the door for Superman. Also, teaching golf with zero expertise.

EMOTIONS – Loved and accepted by everyone in my dream despite being out of my league. A feeling of happiness and joy.

SETTING IN REAL LIFE – My friend, Joy, came for an overnight visit. Joy has lived in Israel, overseen churches with her husband and run successful businesses. She is the most gifted organizer I know. True to her name . . . she is a joy.

Joy just sold her business so she is in transition. We were discussing the possibilities of her next perfect venture.

INTERPRETATION – My friend, Joy, was the woman on the sidelines who was the true golf expert. Joy was the one that should have been center stage, and I should have been on the sidelines watching.

The smiling and accepting Superman is Jesus at my door. Surely God knows that Dean Cain is my very favorite Superman. I can go on and on about how I love Dean Cain.

I had to ask the Lord why George Reeves was the Superman in my dreams. It came to me that there is a long list of Supermen with attractive talents and super skills but George Reeves was my first Superman.

That day in real life . . . Joy and I had been talking about how people believe there are many paths to God but how Jesus is the only doorway. George Reeves’ Superman is all about being a Super Hero without the Hollywood frills and hunky distractions. He is the real Super Hero path. LOL

I realized that the people in the room weren’t being rude. They just couldn’t hear Superman ringing. The Lord used this dream to encourage me that I had “super hearing” to hear Him. Plus I could actually interpret this dream! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!

The special gift was the Tree of Life. I am bound to my Real Super Hero by the hand of God.


I used to listen to other dream interpretations and wonder how they came up with their meanings from “pizza ingredients.” For me, Simi Adigun laid the groundwork with, “4 Keys to Hearing God.”

Charity’s, ”Hearing God Through Your Dreams” and seminar built on that groundwork.  Her DAESI method helped me unlock the gems in my dreams.

When you pause to ask questions about crazy out of place “pizza ingredients,” you are given X-ray Vision and Super Hearing in the spiritual realm. Our spiritual gifts are even better than Superman’s gifts, but we need our Super Hero, Jesus, by our side to not only interpret but fulfill our dreams. You are only a dream away from “Hearing God Through Your Dreams” as you depend on Him.

Betty M.
Atlanta, Georgia

If you would like to be able to Ask Jesus questions like we do in many of our blogs and have Him answer back to you personally, we can show you how.  Please see our foundational teaching on 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice.  If you already know how to have these conversations, join the discussion and share what Jesus is saying to you!