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Walking through Wisdom through Dream Interpretation course

by Apr 21, 2020

Wisdom through Dream Interpretation
October 10, 2019 dream and DAESI
Michelle Kirby

I selected the Wisdom through Dream Interpretation (REN510) course as part of my doctoral program. If we are asleep up to 1/3 of our lives, and we know from scripture that God speaks to us in dream, I wanted to know more. In my recent video (see above) I shared was a bit hesitant to take a dreams course because I wasn’t having dreams. I have sleep apnea and had struggled in the past year with getting enough sleep to go in to dream state, or REM. I stepped out in faith and asked the Lord to give me dreams. In my first month into the course, I recorded 13 dreams in my journal! God is so good! Here is one dream the Lord gave me which had much significance to my life. I share using Dr. Charity Virkler Kayembe’s DAESI model.

D = Dream – I really needed to use the bathroom. In my searching for one, I happened upon a teacher’s classroom which I knew included a bathroom. I knew the teacher from many years as colleagues. She was in a classroom of 3rd graders. I made it in time but could see the students from the window in the door. Suddenly, the students noticed me through the uncovered window. They began to creep up slowly to peek. I got up and put a towel over the window to block them. Somehow, this teacher known for her with-it-ness, never noticed. As I sat back down, I heard a man’s voice through a window just behind the toilet. He is inviting me to something. I say something in an annoyed way and crank the window closed. After all, I keep getting interrupted. I wake up.
A = Action–trying to relieve myself, annoyed by interruptions
E= Emotion – in a hurry, annoyed at distractions
S = Setting (what is going in my waking life) – I am facing my first winter in Alaska and was feeling vulnerable. Alaska winters dip to 40 below, and worse. I am experiencing tension from the volatile road conditions. The declining weather has brought me to question driving to my part time job the shift in weather brings and considering quitting my job. I am taking six weeks off soon and praying through this time. Last winter, I was not around for the worst of Winter, but I had then noticed how the doors and windows became icy. My husband had said numerous times the windows and doors needed to be caulked. I had secured the caulk, but nothing had been done thus making our house vulnerable. I keep bringing this up to my husband.
I = Interpretation (after asking the Lord) – “Caulk the house today!”

I heard the word of the Lord so clearly. I checked the weather and noted this was the LAST good weather day to caulk. I called my husband and told him about my dream and insisted we had to caulk the house – today. When I arrived home from work, I had to go to another location to get our caulking gun. As I pulled out of the driveway, the clouds were ominous and full of moisture. I said to the Lord, “Now, Lord, you said to caulk the house today, and we are. Please keep your promise to me and keep our house dry so we can complete the task.” I returned to the house thirty minutes later, caulk gun in hard, to see the very vulnerable front door. That door has a window in its middle and was receiving direct and beautiful rays of sunlight! That was my rainbow promise!
My husband and I worked every door and window until the last when we met up at the kitchen window. He stood outside working the seals while talking through to me with prompts when to crank closed the window, very similarly to my dream! The man through the window was my husband coaching me to crank the window.
Other interesting considerations from details of the dream to life include that numbers can be interpreted literally. In Genesis 41, we see the Pharaoh dreamed of 7 fat cows and then 7 gaunt cows which was a warning dream of the impending famine. In my dream, the number 3 appears (3rd graders) which could represent our “window” of time for caulking. In our case, we only had about 3 hours of work time that evening. Even though I was, in my dream, using the bathroom, a synonym word is “REST” room. The Lord and I both knew that I needed “rest” from my cares. In dream interpretation, a synonym word can point to the interpretation
I have a testimony that God cares about all the things in our lives. He knew how vulnerable I felt. To confirm my concerns and God’s merciful timing of my dream, we had the coldest winter in 44 years in Alaska! Praise God for showing me that dreams are from Him and they are another realm from which we can hear God’s voice.

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