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“My marriage and life has completely changed through learning how to hear God’s voice. I never knew that intimacy with God is key to marital and family intimacy. The voice of God has really restored my mental, psychological and spiritual state of being.

“As you know marriage without good communication is full of ugly and very harsh words. When I got married it was just after I lost my father, a year later I lost my mother. So I had a lot of pain and anger bottled inside. This made it hard for me to communicate properly. I had a problem with saying I am sorry and could stay angry against my husband even when I am in the wrong. The word sorry was not in my mouth. This affected our marriage and romance.

“Guilt, depression and inner tension is now gone. My emotions were always upset and negative because I saw changes in my husband’s life through journaling. I decided to journal about my condition. God healed my inner hurts and spoke to change. He asked me to repent and honestly apologize when I am wrong and to forgive when wronged by my husband, kids and church members. I am a living testimony to the power of journaling and hearing the voice of God. We are now friend more than before. We spend a lot time together, pray together and do journaling. This situation affected me psychologically, mentally, and spiritually. Now I am free and healed. We now play as a family and peace is reigning in our lives and the voice of God guides our lives. Thanks to Dr Mark and Patti Virkler and the CLU STAFF for chance to me to know God intimately and hear his voice.”

Mutinta Hindamu (Banda)