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Let me begin by saying thank you for some of the most incredible classes I have ever taken.

I’d like to share good news — CLU is very much a part of doors opening.

I had an hour-long interview for the clinical pastoral education program at a hospital in Waco, Texas. Normally, the interview takes place with several persons, followed by a letter of acceptance later. And, once accepted, there is often a year waiting period to get into the CPE program.

During my interview at Hillcrest Baptist Hospital I mentioned that God is never ‘wordy.’ The director of the program and his assistant kind of chuckled and said that’s cute — God is never wordy. I simply said that I found Him to have what I call a universal male-sounding voice, which is filled with gentleness and that His living word always seems to affect my body by energizing it.

It soon hit both of these pastors that I was not joking. They listened and I told them of auditions, visions and dreams. Then, I shared how I ended up at CLU and it was the best gift from the hand of God and that the final classes I am taking through CLU are the best classes I have taken at any seminary in the past several years.

I was sent out of the room so that they could talk. When I returned they told me that they wanted me in their program right away. The director stated that he had been in the ministry for 30 years and never heard the terms I was using and has never heard the voice of God. He told me that he has never had anyone in the program that spoke of these things and it was a mandatory condition of my being in the program to bring all of what I have learned from CLU with me. The director said he wants what I have and he, too, wants to hear the voice of God.

I will be spending 11 weeks beginning around June 6th in Waco…I can pick two wards and pastor those two wards totally for my shift for those 11 weeks…I was concerned that I may not be ready or capable to handle the changing drama of the ER but God gave me a dream and showed me standing in the middle of the ER. The dream had much detail but most important He showed me that He was ‘all over me.’ He will be with me. I no longer feel reluctant.

In the closing of my interview they gave me a compliment I would have never given myself. They felt I have maturity in my faith that is unusual – CLU has taken me there!

After the 11 weeks, I will be serving in a CPE program closer to my home in a much larger hospital. I was taken right into that program, too.

The Lord is so, so sweet.

If for some reason I had missed out on being a student of CLU, I would have missed out on absolutely ‘everything’ that is the most important.

My heartfelt thanks to you and my instructors, and to think that we may never meet until we reach heaven hurts my heart, because I feel such gratitude for the years of study, prayer and commitment you have shared and gifted to me through my classes. May God bless you.