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Christian Homeschool Higher Education

You made a decision to remove your child from institutional education. Your decision was based on several very good reasons. And if you are like most homeschooling parents, you were happily rewarded for your decision. Homeschoolers’ grades average two years ahead of public school students’ grades. In addition, homeschooled children have proved to be more socially adaptive than their public school counterparts.
Each of the reasons you originally had for homeschooling your child are intensified as you consider college. Humanism, rationalism, secularism, and hedonism run rampant on most American campuses, even Christian colleges. Why expose your child to a learning approach that will take him years to overcome (if he ever overcomes it at all)? Why not continue that quality decision to bring superior education directly into your home through books, videos, audio, and the internet? Let proven Christian professors help you mentor your teenager as he emerges into adulthood in the safety and purity of your home, rather than the bastions of humanism and rebellion which pervade most American campuses.
You chose the best, years ago. Now, why not stay with the best decision, and carry out God’s mandate for PARENTS to train up their children? Perhaps God’s way is best after all. We know it sounds far-fetched to our secularized minds. But most of us know that by honoring God’s ways, we come out far ahead in life, regardless of how distanced from current sociological trends God’s principles and ways appear. Why not continue your experiment in educating your sons and daughters God’s way, and prove to your society that God was right all along?
The classes have been beyond anything I had hoped for. This has been more like an adventure than school.
Vanessa Tinsley-Stone

God is definitely changing me because of this course. I can’t begin to express my gratitude.

I have an awareness of God I’ve never had before. I received great insight that I’ve never known before.
Betty Bowen

What CLU Can Offer You

Learn how to clearly hear the Lord’s voice, receive divine vision, and move in the anointing of God.
The teaching style is Hebrew rather than Greek, meaning you begin with real-life issues and, through prayerful meditation, receive enlightenment from God which results in life transformation through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Discover over 130 biblical, practical, spiritual, life-transforming correspondence courses from which you may choose.
CLU is evangelical, Spirit-filled and holds to the Apostles’ Creed.
Flexible curriculum allows you to follow your heart’s desire as you take courses.
Total costs average $375 per course.
Bring in up to 25% of your degree through transcripts from other colleges, and an additional 25% of your degree through a Life Experience Portfolio.
We use training resources developed by Ron Luce, John Arnott, LaMar Boschman, Todd Farley, James Goll, Mark Virkler, and Richard Booker, all international leaders in their own fields.
Vocational certificates are available, composed of 10-20 courses.

Give your teen a head start.