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Lorraine-O'NealDear Dr. Virkler, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your teaching and ministry. God has used you to radically change my life.

I’ve been a Christian for over 25 years, but always struggled to hear God speak. I never heard anything! Anytime someone would tell me ‘God told me…’ I would get angry because He never told me anything! I could really relate to your story.

Several years ago, a friend (whom I think you’ve met via the telephone) here in Anchorage, Alaska, gave me a copy of your tape ‘4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice.’ (God must have told him how much I struggled in this area!) Anyway, I was skeptical, and thought if there were really 4 simple keys, I should have discovered them by this time, as I had a strong Bible background and prayer life. But, having nothing to lose, I decided to listen anyway. Amazingly, and stunningly, the principles worked just as you simply explained! I was so thrilled.

Since that time, my relationship with the Lord has blossomed and grown more than I can describe. Thank you. I ordered your workbook, and went through the Communion with God teachings, and I love to journal.

I am a teacher, so I want to explain things so other people ‘get it’. I knew that if I had struggled this much over the years to hear from God, others must have the same difficulty. I talked with our pastor and with Dave Brock (a local prayer counselor and member of our church) and we developed a workshop called ‘Hearing the Voice of God.’

We present a number of short teachings on the many ways (including Journaling) God speaks….We’ve done 5 quarterly workshops so far. The participants are always wowed out and tell us their lives will never be the same. I’m thrilled that I get to participate in their God discoveries. So thanks be to God and to you for your impact on lives across the country