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Jehovah Raah- The Lord is my Shepherd

Aug 23, 2018

Lord, what do you want to say to me about being my Shepherd?

The Shepherd cares for the sheep. He feeds them, leads them to safety, protects them from harm. Where the shepherd leads He provides. Can you trust my leading? Can you trust Me to lead you away from snares, harm, and lack to the quiet still waters? Can you let go of the control and follow My leading in faith knowing I have your best interest at heart? Can you step away from the busyness of the day to spend that time with Me? So many of My sheep are addicted to the “have to’s” in life I never gave them. They are still depending on performance when all I want from them is relationship. Come away with Me. Be willing to not just hear My voice but to follow my voice, My leading. It requires trust. Trusting I have your best in mind. Your best isn’t always what you perceive it to be. So trust and follow Me.

If you would like to be able to Ask Jesus questions like we do in many of our blogs and have Him answer back to you personally, we can show you how.  Please see our foundational teaching on 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice.  If you already know how to have these conversations, join the discussion and share what Jesus is saying to you!