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Tommy-L-Pierce-and-Robin-(Small)I have been a student in the doctoral program at Christian Leadership University since the fall of 2011. I received a Master in Public Administration from a secular university that same year. I had previously finished a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership from a Free Methodist College in 2006. God is leading me to earn the Doctorate of Ministry from CLU, and I will complete this work by January of 2017.

As a student, the curriculum and academic rigor for both my bachelor’s and my master’s degree were somewhat demanding. Yet the experiences I have had from all the courses from CLU have been rigorous in a different way, a good and God way. I have embraced the exhortation of Dr. Mark Virkler in allowing the Holy Spirit’s participation and guidance in all my learning. This is referred to as Lamad (or Revelation-Based Learning).  I say rigorous only to convey what Lamad means to me in the deep work of the Holy Spirit, His accompanying guidance and of course His challenges for me to adjust to the Father’s will as I have been drawn into new ways of thinking and applying my faith in life.

Indeed, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and I hold that as a disciple I am a disciplined learner under the training of Jesus, my Master. He has given me His Holy Spirit as my Paraclete and Teacher to guide me into all truth and teach me of Jesus Christ. When a disciple is fully trained, such a one will be like his master. I believe the Father led me to Dr. Mark Virkler and CLU so I will embrace Lamad to lead me in this distinction. I have truly submitted to Lamad experientially. Holy Spirit leads me in all my courses and I embrace His input and guidance in all applications, assignments, journaling and research. He truly has guided me into truth and has filled me more and more as I grow and allow the wine skin of my heart expand from His Presence in my life. I thank Dr. Virkler in providing such rich and wonderful training in learning to hear the voice of the Spirit of God and teaching me in cooperating with the Spirit in leading me into transformation to be like my Master, Jesus Christ.

Tommy L. Pierce MPA
Reflect Christ Ministries