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Master Degrees

Master Degrees

require a total of 40 credits beyond a bachelor degree. Students enrolling in a Master program will need to submit an official transcript for their bachelor degree.
If your undergraduate (i.e. bachelor) degree is in an area of Bible or ministry, or is from a Christian school and included courses in Bible or ministry, and you have additional transcript credits which are not part of your bachelor’s degree, you will have the option of bringing in up to 10 credits toward your master’s degree through transcripts from other schools or documented life experience. If your undergraduate degree is in a field unrelated to spiritual knowledge, all 40 credits must be earned from CLU.

After you take REN503 Communion with God, you will be allowed to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in choosing the courses you take for your degree, since He knows better than we do what knowledge and skills you will need to fulfill the plans He has for you.

M.B.S. Master of Biblical Studies

M.C.C. Master of Christian Counseling

M.C.E. Master of Christian Entrepreneurship

M.C.L. Master of Christian Leadership

M.C.L.C. Master of Christian Life Coaching

M.D.H. Master of Divine Healing

M.Div. Master of Divinity

M.Min. Master of Ministry

M.M.E. Master of Missions and Evangelism

M.P.M. Master of Prophetic Ministry

Th.M. Master of Theology

I was very excited to begin Communion With God at Christian Leadership University. I have been searching for classes that are Spirit anointed and that take me deeper into a more intimate relationship with God. Taking this class and focusing on my relationship with God has taken me to another level. It has brought me closer to His heart while opening mine up at the same time.

The Lord has been giving me visions and pictures in my mind more now than ever before. Before taking Communion with God I would get pictures in my mind but they were still pictures. And often it was only one word. Now, the pictures have life to them and I hear sentences from Him and not just one word. This has helped me immensely in my journaling and also in ministry. When I am praying for someone, whether it is for healing or something else I have had an increase in prophetic words and words of knowledge. I have also been quick to realize that it is God speaking to me and not just my own thoughts.
This course has helped me grow immensely. In my spiritual life, emotional life, and physical life. I have a deeper relationship with my heavenly Father and each day that relationship gets deeper and deeper. I have seen what God can do and I want more from Him. I have learned where my thoughts are coming from, left and right brain, and where I need to improve. I am now equipped with the tools necessary to get rid of things that are blocking my relationship with God. I used to get very discouraged when I wouldn’t hear from Him or things weren’t going right, now I use the tools learned in this course to open up my communication path to God. My faith has grown exponentially.

Brandon Clark

Course Information

These degrees require 40 credits of work beyond the Bachelor’s level and are offered for those who desire specialized advanced training in a specific area. Since the student is at a point of developing mastery in his life, one demonstration of this mastery will be the student’s involvement in working in conjunction with his advisor in selecting the courses for his degree.The 40-credit Master degrees may include CLU courses, a Master thesis and practica.

The student may take any of the vast array of more than 100 undergraduate courses on the graduate level.

Many students come to CLU with a B.A. from another college. They desire to take the unique courses which CLU has developed and offered on the undergraduate level. This can be accomplished in the following ways.

You will begin with the course syllabus for the undergraduate course. This will lay out a foundational program in the area of your interest and will require two or three resources for your meditation. You will complete this and add further research, study and meditation choosing one of the suggestions below. A three-credit course would still be worth three credits. There are several possible avenues you may pursue, including but not limited to the following:

  1. You may read other books on the topic and write a report on them. This report should include:
    1. A summary of the truths, principles and concepts taught in the book;
    2. A record of what the Lord has said to you specifically through the book; and
    3. Any ways in which your life has been changed as a result of your meditation on this book.
  2. You may do a biblical research project on a topic related to any of the course objectives. (Refer to BIB390 Bible Research Methods for instructions on how to do such a project.)
  3. You may do a research project based on other than biblical sources on a topic related to any of the course objectives.
  4. You may prepare an original sermon, Bible study, study guide, or other instructional format to present what you have learned. (Note: You will receive a better grade on this if it is revelation-based!)
  5. You may teach the 12-week course to a group after you have completed it. If you choose this option, you will receive one extra credit free of charge. Teaching a 5-8 hour weekend seminar on the topic will also fulfill the graduate-level requirement, but you will not receive an extra credit.

Limits: A maximum of 20 credits may be awarded for the total of both transfer credits from other institutions and from credits earned for life experience. Of these 20, no more than 10 may come from credits earned for life experience.

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