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See and Feel What You Are Thinking, And You Receive It….Part 2

Jul 26, 2017

As I awoke the following morning, I was once again drawn to Mark 4 and the sower sowing the Word.

Kathy, I watch over MY word to perform it. My word brings the greatest yield, the greatest result and harvest without sorrow being added to it. You are a sower in every thought, every action, every word you speak. What is it you really want to reap? What do you really want to see in your life? Begin by seeing it with the eyes of your heart and then begin speaking it forth into the atmosphere. Words have the power to create your reality.

  1. There is life and death in the power of the tongue.
  2. Believe that those things which you say will be done. You will have what you say.

Mark 4:24 and 25 Says for you to take heed
I felt impressed to look that word up in the Strongs and it means to “see , to look at, to look upon, to feel” and then within I heard,
see what I am speaking to you. Take heed to what I am speaking to you and what you are speaking out of your own mouth. See it and Feel it.
I had to dance on that new revelation. God is teaching us to see what we hear.

Envision. Envision the words I speak to you. Envision. You can only see the words you take time to listen to. You can only see what I speak to you. If you take the time to hear. The more you take time to hear and see My words,  that same measure will be given back to you. The more you will hear and see My Words. The more you take time to hear and see the more you will hear and see.

vs. 24 and unto you that hear (give an audience to) the more you will be given. Audiences come expecting to receive from one who is speaking or singing or the like. Come into My Presence expecting to receive from Me the words for your life and even more will be given.
Come expecting to hear me speak and you will not leave disappointed.

Vs 25 To him that hath (again I looked “hath” up and it means “able to hold onto”) My words. For those who can see and hear My words more will be given. What I said will be given to them. For those who cannot see or hear My words from him shall it be taken even that which he hath? Why Kathy? Look up taken, Kathy.

It is airo in the Greek meaning suspense, to sail away or loosened by doubt.
Yes, Kathy, so those who cannot hear or see My words from him the words he once saw and heard will sail away as it is loosened by doubt and removed. And what he once held dear will be loosened because doubt settles in and lifts up what was planted and carries away the words which I have spoken.

Continue to give Me an Audience. Continue to give me an ear to hear My words, and I will speak and show you even more things.

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